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photo: Masyn Winn and Tink Hence (Brian Walton/The Cardinal Nation)

The annual The Cardinal Nation St. Louis Cardinals All-Prospect Team is the top prospect at each position and includes 11 players – eight position players plus three pitchers – left and right-handed starters and a reliever. Nine of the 11 spots have turned over with four-time top shortstop Masyn Winn team captain. FREE article!

The next subject in our Top 50 St. Louis Cardinals Prospects for 2024 series is to recognize the organization’s best minor league prospects at each position. At the end, all Top 50 members are shown by their position groupings in an organizational prospect depth chart.

The selection process is very straightforward. We have already unveiled our Top 50 prospects in the system. Putting together this year’s All-Prospect Team is as simple as culling the top-ranked player at each position from that Top 50.

The annual The Cardinal Nation St. Louis Cardinals All-Prospect Team consists of 11 players – eight position players, including two corner outfielders, plus three pitchers – left and right-handed starters and a reliever.

Listed are each player’s ranking in the 2024 Top 50, age and highest level played in 2023.

The Cardinal Nation St. Louis Cardinals 2024 All-Prospect Team

All Prospect Team 2024 Player Rank Age 2023 Lvl
Catcher Leonardo Bernal 9 19 A
First Base Chandler Redmond 47 26 AA
Second Base Thomas Saggese 5 21 AAA
Shortstop Masyn Winn C * 1 21 MLB
Third Base Noah Mendlinger 38 23 AA
Corner Outfield Won-Bin Cho 12 20 A
Corner Outfield Chase Davis 13 22 A
Center field Victor Scott 4 22 AA
LH Starter Cooper Hjerpe 7 22 A+
RH Starter Tink Hence * 3 21 AA
LH Reliever none
RH Reliever Edwin Nuñez 20 22 A+

* returning member
C  unofficial captain

Prior to 2021, there was a high annual turnover in the All-Prospect Team, often in the seven to nine range. However, in the last three years the group was more stable, with an average of five new members. In 2024, it is back to the old days with nine new members.

With nine new members, that means just two of the 11 are holdovers, denoted by an asterisk (*) above. Shortstop Masyn Winn and right-handed starting pitcher Tink Hence return from the 2023 team and were both part of the Cardinals’ exceptional 2020 draft class. Winn, who is back for a fourth year, as the senior member is our unofficial captain. He replaces prior captain Matthew Liberatore, who also had a four-year streak before graduating during 2023.

The nine new members of the team come from three different sources, with eight homegrown Cardinals. Despite the wealth of prospects joining the organization via trade in July, only second baseman Thomas Saggese made the 2024 All-Prospect Team.

Thomas Saggese

Of the eight homegrown prospects, one, third baseman Noah Mendlinger, was a non-drafted free agent. Cardinals draft picks were first sacker Chandler Redmond, corner outfielder Chase Davis, center fielder Victor Scott and left-handed starting pitcher Cooper Hjerpe. International free agents are catcher Leonardo Bernal, corner outfielder Won-Bin Cho and reliever Edwin Nuñez.

For the second time in the last three years, the left-handed reliever position is open, meaning there are no left-handed bullpenners in the 2024 Top 50.

TCN St. Louis Cardinals All-Prospect Teams – 2020 through 2023

All-Prospect Team members from the previous four seasons are included for comparison purposes.

2023 2022 2021 2020
C Ivan Herrera Ivan Herrera Ivan Herrera Andrew Knizner
1B Luken Baker Juan Yepez Luken Baker Luken Baker
2B Anyelo Encarnacion Nolan Gorman Chandler Redmond Ramon Urias
SS Masyn Winn Masyn Winn Masyn Winn Edmundo Sosa
3B Samil De La Rosa Jordan Walker Nolan Gorman Nolan Gorman
COF Jordan Walker Lars Nootbaar Jhon Torres Jhon Torres
COF Alec Burleson Alec Burleson Dylan Carlson Dylan Carlson
CF Joshua Baez Joshua Baez Trejyn Fletcher Trejyn Fletcher
LHS Matthew Liberatore M. Liberatore M. Liberatore M. Liberatore
RHS Tink Hence Michael McGreevy Johan Oviedo Jake Woodford
LHR Zack Thompson none none Genesis Cabrera
RHR Freddy Pacheco Tink Hence Junior Fernandez Junior Fernandez

The 10 players who left the 2023 All-Prospect Team departed in the following ways. The majority, six, graduated to the majors – catcher Ivan Herrera, first baseman Luken Baker, corner outfielders Jordan Walker and Alec Burleson, left-handed starting pitcher Matthew Liberatore and left-handed reliever Zack Thompson.

Two were ranked in the 40’s last year, but due to no competition at their positions, the made the Prospect Team. For 2024, second baseman Anyelo Encarnacion and third baseman Samil De La Rosa both slid off the Top 50 and therefore off the Prospect Team as well. Joshua Baez was very respectably ranked 12th in 2023, but the center fielder was passed by others for 2024. Finally, right-handed reliever Freddy Pacheco left the organization via waivers.

Note that until Hence, the top-ranked right-handed starter in the system had been a different individual in each of the five years since Alex Reyes’ long reign ended in 2020. Second base is now the only position with annual turnover since 2019 with Saggese the sixth new name in the last six years.

Age and experience – 2020-2024

All-Prospect Team 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020
Average age 21.7 21.4 20.9 21.1 22.3
Average experience AA AA AA A+ AAA

The 2024 All-Prospect Team continues its recent youthful nature. However, the 2024 squad averages about a third of a year older than in 2023, and 2023 was a half year older than 2022. Still, the last four All-Prospect Teams all averaged under 22 years of age after eight straight years of averaging older than 22.

Though this is nothing against him, 26-year-old first baseman Redman is the sole reason the average went up in 2024. In fact, Redman and his Springfield teammate Noah Mendlinger, age 23, are the only All-Prospect Team members over 22. At the other end of the age spectrum is Bernal at 19.

Leonardo Bernal

The level of play reached by the average All-Prospect Team member is Double-A, same as last two years, but just barely. It was only ever so slightly above the High-A midpoint. So while the new Team may average slightly older, they are less experienced than the 2023 Team.

Despite that, after the 2023 All-Prospect Team included two who played in rookie ball during the prior season, the rookie ball teams were shut out for 2024.

Depth Chart (name/overall ranking)

Closing this installment of our analysis series is the 2024 Top 50 Prospect List oriented by position. Remember that the members of the All-Prospect Team are listed first in each position grouping. This provides a quick visual snapshot of system-wide balance at all positions across the system.

Pos # Prospect (Top 50 rank)
C 3 Leonardo Bernal (9) Jimmy Crooks (11) Pedro Pages (28)
1B 1 Chandler Redmond (47)
2B 3 Thomas Saggese (5) César Prieto (23) Adari Grant (49)
SS 3 Masyn Winn (1) Jonathan Mejia (19) Jeremy Rivas (46)
3B 1 Noah Mendlinger (38)
COF 8 Won-Bin Cho (12) Travis Honeyman (21) Moisés Gómez (22)
Mike Antico (31) Joshua Baez (32) Zach Levenson (33)
Alex Iadisernia (42) Matt Koperniak (45)
CF 3 Victor Scott (4) Chase Davis (13) Michael Siani (36)
LHS 7 Cooper Hjerpe (7) Brycen Mautz (16) Pete Hansen (18)
Quinn Mathews (24) Drew Rom (29) Alex Cornwell (35)
Connor Thomas (37)
RHS 14 Tink Hence (2) Tekoah Roby (3) Gordon Graceffo (6)
Michael McGreevy (8) Max Rajcic (10) Sem Robberse (14)
Ian Bedell (15) Adam Kloffenstein (17) Zack Showalter (25)
Inohan Paniagua (27) Trent Baker (30) Austin Love (40)
Alec Willis (44) Zane Mills (48)
RHR 8 Edwin Nuñez (20) Ryan Fernandez (24a) Andre Granillo (26)
Matt Svanson (34) Dionys Rodriguez (39) Andrew Marrero (41)
Leonardo Taveras (43) Guillermo Zuniga (50)
total 51

Generally, one can feel good about this Top 50 positional distribution. While the corner infield stands out as being under-represented, that is not a concern. St. Louis already has plenty of backfill for them today, not that they will be needed.

The All-Prospect Team is a group of mostly elite prospects with two exceptions.  Guess where? Yep, the two corner infielders, Chandler Redmond and Noah Mendlinger.

At the high end, six of the 11 Team members are in our Top 10, with the other three at 12th, 13th, and 20th.

In terms of depth, every position except the corner infielders is at least two deep in the Top 25.  Of concern, the corner outfield has decent quantity with eight, but only one is in the Top 20 and Won-Bin Cho is still a long way away with a lot to prove.

Won-Bin Cho

Assisted by trades, starting pitching depth remains strong in number. An even better measure is that individual rankings are improved. Two years, six starters were in the Top 20 and last year, there were nine. That has increased to 11 in 2024.

Even with the graduations of Liberatore and Thompson, the left-handed mix remains very strong. The Cardinals selected lefties with their first three draft picks in 2022 and Cooper Hjerpe, Brycen Mautz and Pete Hansen now have logged their first season as professionals.

This is covered in more detail in a future article, but trade acquisitions are prevalent in the new Top 50, though only one, Saggese, made the All Prospect Team.

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