Sunday Pregame Remarks from Girsch and Shildt

photo: Busch Stadium, 7/29/18 (Brian Walton/The Cardinal Nation)

For those who want to listen to the entire audio of the general manager and field manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, who spoke separately prior to Sunday’s scheduled game with the Chicago Cubs, the audio follows.

For those who don’t, here are my quick notes.


Luke Voit is a big league-quality hitter, but the Cardinals have other RHH.

New lefty Chasen Shreve reports Monday. Home runs were fluky. 2x as many at Yankee Stadium so park factor may be involved.

They had been talking with Yankees about the construct of a trade for some time, including Voit. International cap money was important to NYY and made sense for them to include. Does not know if Aaron Judge injury increased Yankees urgency.

Shreve is similar to Lyons in terms of no options and control, but has pitched better this year. No options is a bigger issue when not pitching well. No options may also have been part of why Yankees made Shreve available in trade.

Would not say they are set in the bullpen. Excited about options they have, but still exploring things. Might be done, might not. Still looking beyond this year while wanting to benefit 2018 as well.

They have gone through Memphis transitions before. Many in this group won PCL title last year, give energy.


Jose Martinez scratched Sunday with ankle soreness after slide into third base Saturday. Jedd Gyorko starting instead with Carpenter moving to first.

Received phone call from Mark DeJohn at 12:45 am with scouting report on Shreve based on DJ watching him on YES Network. Shildt was still awake.

(Media had to wait for Shildt, as Chris Carpenter was in his office.) Carpenter is someone the organization respects. Will be open with his feedback.

Haven’t spoken with Shreve yet, but plans to today.

Sat down with Harrison Bader before his role change. Understands.

Regarding young pitchers, they are a close supportive group. Kinship. Rely on each other.

At the end, we learned that the manager does not follow golf or NASCAR and his college hoops allegiance is with Maryland, where he was born.

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