Productive Cardinals Balks

When scoring on a balk against Justin Verlander (pictured) and the Detroit Tigers Tuesday night, the St. Louis Cardinals extended their current streak to crossing the plate as a result of each of the last three balks they have received. (The previous four advanced the runner to second base only.)

Pitcher-Justin Verlander 2009-06-16 DET

Batter-Joe Thurston-Balk (Chris Duncan scores; Yadier Molina to 2B)

Pitcher-Joel Hanrahan 2009-04-30 WSN

Batter-Brian Barden-Balk (Jason LaRue scores/unearned run; Khalil Greene to 2B)

Pitcher-Brandon Webb 2008-09-22 ARI @ STL

Batter-Ryan Ludwick-Balk (Skip Schumaker scores; Albert Pujols to 2B)