Happy Birthday to TheCardinalNationblog.com!

It was one year ago today, December 12, 2008, when I published my first post on this then-brand new blog. In fact, I made five of them that day*, both to get the new site populated and because I had a lot to say beyond what the inherent space limitations on the main site allows. In addition, a blog is really a more personal vehicle than a news-first site like TheCardinalNation.com, something that greatly appeals to me.

I am certainly proud of both of my endeavors.

When I took over full-time operation of the main site this past summer, I wondered if there would still be time to blog daily as well. So far, the answer is “yes”, though the time commitment to do it right has been considerable. It is obviously a major part of my day, and I hope yours, too.

One year into returning to blogging (I began doing it years ago before it was popular), here is what this little blog alone has experienced in terms of my content and your comments:

  • 511 posts (1.4 per day)
  • 7,038 comments (19 per day)
  • Well over a quarter of a million views

The roster matrix, which I am continuing to maintain in the off-season, has been the most frequently accessed resource. It is a graphical representation of the entire Cardinals system by level.

I exceeded my one-per-day target for new postings and didn’t do it by having to resort to empty, one-line placeholders. In every one of my posts, I try to offer something of substance about which to think – and of course, discuss.

All of you have made this blog work by joining in some solid baseball discussion, whether specifically about the subject of my post or perhaps regarding whatever Cardinals-related subjects were on your mind that day.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come here and especially to those who participate. For the majority who read, but don’t post, please consider joining in the discussions.

Here is hoping year two of TheCardinalNationblog.com is even more successful for all of us.

Brian Walton

* For the record, these were my first five posts here:

“Tony La Russa still loves Colby Rasmus”
“Will Friday be Flores’ last day with St. Louis?”
“Message from Classy Cody Haerther”
“Cards to reuse uniforms in minors”
“WBC: See Pujols an extra time this spring”