Garrett Broshuis – Advocate for Baseball’s Minor Leaguers

Whether or not you recall his name, chances are that anyone who happens onto this site already knows what Garrett Broshuis stands for – fair wages for minor league baseball players.

Garrett Broshuis (Advocates for Minor Leaguers)

Upon his retirement as an athlete, the former University of Missouri and San Francisco Giants minor league pitcher went on to Saint Louis University to become a lawyer. In his current career, Broshuis remains one of the counsels for Senne v. MLB, a lawsuit seeking increased wages for minor leaguers. The action, first filed in 2014, continues in the courts today.

Recently, Broshuis extended his involvement as one of the founders of Advocates for Minor Leaguers, a non-profit organization pushing for minor league player rights and public education.

In the following interview, Broshuis begins by reviewing his background. Next is the origin of the initial legal action and its evolution as it survived challenges and the players covered grew in quantity. He distinguishes the important differences between a class action and a collective action and Federal versus State laws as they relate to this case.

The attorney explains how minor league salaries have not kept up with inflation or the game’s financial success and how minor leaguers differ from those in other lines of work in which youngsters also have to “pay their dues.” Broshuis also touches on the current MLB initiative to contract as many as 42 minor league teams.

He relates the importance of public awareness to progress made to date and explains how anyone interested – whether players or fans – can participate in Advocates for Minor Leaguers.

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