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    Astros made a 11th hour deal for him giving up their 4th, 14th and 20th pre-season prospects. #4 Perez is 40th on MLB’s top 100 and 32nd on BA’s mid-season top 100.

    He is under contract for 28 Million/per through 2019. He just went 9-0 after that including 4 wins in the playoffs. Clearly a salary dump by the Tigers. He was awarded the ALCS MVP award.

    1) Had the Cardinals made that move would we have been in the playoffs?
    2) Is that kind of deal out there for Stanton. Probably a lot of bidders now compared to the trade deadline?
    3) Do the Cardinals have the will to make that kind of deal?

    Kudos to the Astros scouting department who seemed to realize that there was still something left in the tank.



    1. No because they needed offense.
    2. The deal for Stanton is always out there.
    3. No.



    The Tigers got some better prospect by eating some of the salary too. They are paying the Astros $8M in 2018 and another $8M in 2019 so the Astros owe Verlander just $20M a year for the next two years.

    It’s pretty nice when your fourth best prospect is still in the MLB’s top 40 list. Certainly makes trading them easier. Comparatively, this is like us trading Jack Flaherty, Harrison Bader, and Andrew Knizner. Pretty steep price for a 34-year old with a 3.82 ERA at the time that’s getting paid market price.

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