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    Do we have anyone with both the glove and bat to become a top shortstop. Who has the best chance. Many of there guys play other positions and few are full time shortstops.

    Memphis – Wilfredo Tovar, Edmondo Sosa, Alex Mejia

    Springfield – Tommy Edman, Ramon Urias (probably should have listed him at 2b)

    Palm Beach – Kramer Robertson

    Peoria – Rayder Ascanio

    State College – Delvin Perez

    Johnson City – Michael Perri, Moises Castillo

    GCL Cardinals – Mateo Gil

    DSL Cardinals – Pablo Gomez, Ramon Mendoza, Franklin Soto, Yowelfy Rosario

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    Edman has that utility guy look…can play multiple positions and hits relatively well as a switch hitter. I’d probably put him #1. Sosa has had a few seasons to get into a groove and I’m not sure if he’ll stick with the club after this year, but you’d think he could be a backup SS. So he’s #2. Perez just can’t seem to hit, but the glove might get him to the big leagues if he can keep the bat above replacement level. So he’s #3. I’d put Gil at 4 and Robertson at 5. The rest are pure filler or too young for me to know anything about.



    Brutal group of players here compared to what we thought a year or two ago.


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    Pads, ain’t that the truth! If it wasn’t for DeJong overachieving and becoming a starting MLB regular SS, things would be bleaker.

    Without DeJong the organization would have had to trade even more of its prospects to obtain a viable MLB SS. That would have made the affiliates even weaker, and dropping it even farther down the rankings.

    On that note, O’Neill (#2-TCN) came off the prospect list yesterday, and with Hudson #3 and Poncedeleon (#18) already on the Cardinal’s roster, the system looks worse.

    So, of this batch of SSs, right now, I don’t see anyone contributing much, if any, at all. If I had to choose one it would be Sosa (#26), but that’s a long shot.

    Edman (#25) could surprise us. Robertson has faded.

    Perez (#34) may still have some potential left, but he already has a lot of baggage and hasn’t been able to hit hardly at all. Gil (HM) and Perri haven’t impressed much but they too are raw and light years. away.



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    Robertson has faded? He is in his first full season and at high A since the beginning of the season. He struggled initially in a pitchers league. .282 avg and .765 OPS in the second half. ,386 second half OBP. I’ll take that in the FSL anyday. I am assuming his glove still plays at SS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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