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    I have always done a team of the 2010’s at the end of the year, adding in anyone that would have displaced the Cardinal that had the best season.

    This year only Tommy Pham had a good enough season to displace someone. I can’t decide who to go with though. I had Colby Rasmus in CF from his 2010 season, Beltran in RF from 2012 or Heyward in RF from 2015.

    Holliday’s 2010 season was big too so you can’t take him out. I have Berkman at DH from 2011.

    Right now, it’s
    2B – 2013 Carpenter
    RF – 2017 Pham
    1B – 2010 Pujols
    LF – 2010 Holliday
    DH – 2011 Berkman
    CA – 2012 Molina
    3B – 2012 Freese
    CF – 2010 Rasmus
    SS – 2014 Peralta

    With 2012 Beltran and 2015 Heyward maybe in there.

    Pitching-wise it’s:
    2013 Wainwright
    2016 Martinez
    2011 Carpenter
    2012 Lohse
    2013 2015 Lackey

    With Lynn’s 2014 really close.

    Bullpen has:
    2012 Motte
    2011 Salas
    2015 Siegrist
    2014 Neshek
    2015 Rosenthal
    2016 Oh
    2013 Mujica

    Brian Walton

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    Interesting, but without including any explanation of how you measure the players in comparison, it is impossible to agree or disagree.


    Well, WAR is one way. For instance, Carpenter was worth 6+ WAR playing 2B in 2013, far out-producing Wong and Schumaker, our other two 2Bmen.

    Rasmus’s 2010 season was really good, a 4-win player that year. Fowler, Jay, and Grichuk haven’t hit that level before and I don’t know if I would include Pham as a CFer.

    Brian Walton

    Paid - Annual

    Minor point, but I think there is a typo on Lackey’s year above. Guessing you meant 2015.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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