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    When the 2021 major-league season starts…

    (1) Will the active roster be 26-man or a different number?
    (2) Will the extended injured list be 60-day as in 2019, or 45-day as in 2020?
    (3) Will both the 10-day injured list and the Covid-19 injured lists be availble as they were in the abbreviated 2020 season?
    (4) What will happen to roster sizes in September?
    (5) Will the size of the full-season minor-league active rosters be modified from 2019 on account of the MiLB contraction and rearrangement?
    (6) Will the rookie-league active rosters remain 35-man (GCL and DSL)?
    (7) Will the minor-league injured lists remain 7-days?


    Brian Walton

    Paid - Annual

    1) 26
    2) 60-day
    3) 10 days for position players and 15 for pitchers. COVID list remains.
    4) +2 players
    5) Yes. Maximum is 180 in the US, but number at each level will be more fluid.
    6) Not necessarily. GCL is part of 180. DSL is not. Haven’t heard of a change in the latter.
    7) No change.


    Brian… I was hoping that you would clarify. Thank you.



    Brian, thanks so much for these responses!

    I wanted to get a little more clarity about nos. 5 and 6. If I remember correctly, during the 2019 MiLB season the full-season leagues (so our teams Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach, and Peoria) had 25-man active rosters, but players moved to the 7-day injured list or restricted lists for these teams did not count against that number. The short-season and rookie leagues (so our teams State College, Johnson City, GCL Cardinals, and DSL Cardinals Blue and Red) had 35-man active rosters, also not counting injured/restricted players.

    How will the new 180-man rule work with injured players? If the franchise is permitted to have 180 players on the Memphis, Springfield, Peoria, Palm Beach, and GCL teams, that averages to 36 players each! Is the idea that they don’t want each team releasing a ton of players on account of the reduction in number of teams; just cram more guys into the remaining dugouts?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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