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    At the trade deadline and in the off season the Cardinals have added a number of pitchers from other organizations.

    Ten of those have pitched at Memphis this season. Their collective ERA is 7.94 with only Gallegos (0.00), Beck (3.00) and Cervenca (4.05) with reasonable numbers. Gallegos pitched only one inning before his promotion.

    Five have been at Springfield including 3 that have been moved up to Memphis. Their collective ERA is 7.34.

    Looks like we did not have a lot of scouting success. Small sample I know, but they have pitched 63 innings at Memphis and almost 42 at Springfield.

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    In comparison, how have the home grown pitchers done? The pitching overall has not been good.


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    It’s April 22nd. Everything gets magnified – good and bad – early every season. Baseball is a marathon not a sprint.


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    Reyes 0.00 ERA
    Cruz 0.00 ERA
    Total 10.4 innings

    Jones 4.32
    O’Reilly 4.70
    Patterson 4.91
    Lacham 15.0
    Cruz 2.45
    Whitley 2.70
    Total 34.8 innings

    Better but far too few. Did not include starters where numbers are mixed. We have a serious shortage of pitchers who have a big upside. Other than Reyes and other starters at Memphis maybe only Oviedo has the kind of stuff to have a shot at the major leagues.

    Hopefully we will address this big time in this year’s draft.

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