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    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    I received this question from a reader. I thought I would share my reply with all. Others are also welcome to comment.

    I am a big fan of your stuff. I follow the big league club and Memphis (AAA). I browsed the internet for articles regarding this subject. Could you explain why a guy like John Nogowski is not playing in Memphis as of lately? I understand having Goldy (thank god) will make it tough for the kid to come up, but why would you have Rangel Ravelo in the depth chart behind Goldy? According to Baseball America, John is the best 1b in the PCL. Nogowski and Ravelo are similar power wise, and Nogowski is on base more due to his ability to walk more than he strikes out. Both guys play left field. The answer might be glaring to most people, and this could be why there are no write-ups about it. I am just not seeing it.

    Ravelo advantages

    Plays four positions (1B, corner OF, 3B in a pinch)
    Higher batting average, slugging (close)
    Key member of last two Memphis PCL title teams
    On 40-man roster, MLB experience, could be recalled to StL in September

    Nogowski advantages

    Higher OBP
    Superior defender at first base

    Disadvantage – both

    Age 27 (Ravelo), 26 (Nogowski)


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    This is an interesting topic to me. Several months ago I brought up the Ravelo vs Nogowski comparison and I think Brian replied that the difference was Ravelo played more positions and had a history of being a better hitter. I am assuming that the Cardinals were using the same rationale for calling Ravelo up.

    I like both players but I admit I have always wanted to see Nogowski get a shot. He has had a pretty good year at Memphis. Both he and Ravelo are long shots but JMart was a long shot at one time and he has had a decent run the last 2-3 years.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    One point I did not add is that Nogowski can leave the organization via free agency this fall, but for the next few years, Ravelo will remain – unless he is dropped from the 40-man.

    First base-only is a limiter, but as Voit showed, if you can hit well enough, you can find a place. Both of these guys lack Voit’s power, though, and most teams seem to want a first baseman who puts the ball over the fence with regularity.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    The main focus of this article is Nogowski’s elite strikeout to walk numbers. It also suggests he is under organization control for next season and will play winter ball before becoming Rule 5 eligible. While he is a plus defender at first, he will work on the OF in the Dominican.


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