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    Thank you for the input on catchers. Looks like the consensus is Kelly, Knizner, Ortega, Rodriguez and Herrera. Also appears that there will be a lot of discussion regarding the ranking of Kelly vs Knizner.

    Now on to 1b;
    Memphis – Rangel Ravelo
    Springfield – John Nogowski, Chris Chinea
    Palm Beach -Stefan Trosclair, Juan Yepez
    Peoria – Luken Baker, Yariel Gonzalez
    State College – Brady Whalen, Kevin Woodall
    Johnson City – Leandro Cedeno, Dariel Gomez
    GCL Cardinals – Zack Gahagan, Andrew Warner
    Dominican – Freddy DeJesus,

    Doubt that there are a lot of top 50 guys here.


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    Baker (TCN-#4)
    Cedeno (#47)
    Yepes (HM)


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    I’d go Baker, gap, Cedeno, gap, Whalen, Yepez, Woodall, Trosclair, Gonzalez (although I’m not sure he’s a 1B), Nogowski, Ravelo, Warner.


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    Too bad there’s not room for Ravelo described by Clapp as a real good “professional hitter” and named best defensive first baseman by Baseball America. All that and he’s still relatively young. He will be a free agent but hate to lose him.


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    i also agree on the need for some Ravelo love…Wisdom or him need to be kept in the offseason IMO


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    I think with Ravelo, it’s always been just a question about “range”, D. J.

    Coming into this year if I had been asked this question I wouldn’t have blinked an eye with my “Juan ‘Pez Yepez” reply. And as expected, Pez absolutely raked at Peoria to start the ’18 campaign. However, with his promotion “Pez” has encountered a little roadblock to his future named “FSL pitching”. “Pez” has not embraced this obstacle with gusto….to say the least! I think in “Pez'” case, I know exactly how to remedy his FSL offensive woos. He needs to spend a few days up with the big club to be on the receiving end of some hardy batting practice pitching. I would have guys like Mikolas and Waino finesse the daylights out of young “Pez” and have Hicks throw him a heavy diet of his best chin music. Get him totally dazed and confused during his 3 day stay. If they do it right “Pez” will be slurring his words and not walking in anything remotely resembling a straight line. Then ship him right on back to Palm Beach. I bet he no longer will be intimidated in the least by FSL pitching.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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