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    In Mo’s tenure as General Manager from October 2007 to the 2019 all-star break the Cardinal Nation has identified 33 different players as top 5 Cardinal prospects.

    Twelve of the 33 (Wong, Reyes, Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Flaherty, Delvin Perez, Bader, O’Neill, Montero, Gorman and Hudson) remain with the Cardinals.

    Three (Ottavino, Eduardo Sanchez and Cooney) were claimed on waivers by other teams.

    Only six (Brett Wallace, Jess Todd, Zach Cox, Rob Kaminsky Marco Gonzales and Carson Kelly) have been traded while prospects.

    Of course Kelly went to Arizona as part of the Goldschmidt deal. At all-star break the Diamondbacks seemed to have had the better of the deal but it is far too early to draw any firm conslusion. If the Cardinals make the playoffs and do well then I think most fans will call it a good deal.

    Wallace along with Clayton Mortensen and Shane Peterson garnered Matt Holliday for the Cardinals, a major win for St. Louis.

    Jess Todd was a part of the deal that brought infielder Mark DeRosa to the Cardinals. Todd was a player named later in a transaction that also sent relief pitcher Chris Perez to Cleveland. DeRosa did little for the Cardinals and Todd little for the Indians but Perez contributed a 4.3 WAR in his final six seasons in the majors.

    The Cardinals landed Edwin Mujica from Miami for Cox who never made the major leagues. Mujica served as an effective closer for the Cardinals for a part of 2013.

    Kaminsky went to Cleveland in the Brandon Moss deal. Moss had mixed success for the Cardinals and Kaminsky has yet to appear in the major leagues. Moss is probably best remembered for his late season swoon in his final year with St. Louis.

    Marco Gonzales went to Seattle for Tyler O’Neil. So far, advantage Mariners but O’Neil appears to have the greater upside.

    Of the prospects traded after they lost prospect status Colby Rasmus and Shelby Miller would probably have secured better talent if they had been traded while still prospects. Both were top two prospects multiple years. John Gant seems to be the only significant return for Miller who has struggled since the deal.

    Rasmus secured Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel and Rzepczynski (Scrabble) at the 2011 deadline. The trio had a short tenure with the Redbirds, but are credited by many as being critical in improving Cardinal pitching leading to the 2011 World Series for St. Louis. Rasmus never gained a solid status with the Cardinals but had some decent years with the Astros.

    Bottom line is that Mo has been reluctant to give up top prospects to improve the team. Other than Holliday and the recent deals for Ozuna and Goldschmidt (involving no Cardinal Nation top 5 prospects) he has not gone after difference makers like Milwaukee, the Cubs and other top teams have.

    The Cardinals ended up releasing Daryl Jones and Bryan Anderson and Ottavino lost on waivers. Clearly the team has not been hurt trading prospects while prospects and have probably been more damaged by hanging on some too long.

    Due to the length of this post I will address deadline deals at a later time.


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    Nice post, Sooner. It certainly does seem that Mo has been hesitant to trade his better prospects.

    John Gant seems to be the only significant return for Miller who has struggled since the deal.

    Didn’t we get Gant and Ellis in the Garcia trade? Miller (and that other prospect whose name escapes me right now-edit: it was Tyrell Jenkins) was traded for Heyward and Walden, and Heyward left and Walden was hurt almost his entire time in St Louis. I believe we got Dakota Hudson as the comp pick for losing Heyward to the Cubs, though.

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    Very embarased I had a brain cramp. Gant was secured along with Ellis and Luke Dykstra in the Jaime Garcia deal. Garcia was among the 33 top 5 prospects.

    Miller went along with Jenkins for Heyward. Miller performed well but had a bad WL record in his first year with the Braves and has done little since. Jenkins not really a factor. Heyward had a pretty good year with the Cardinals tho he did not provide the anticipated power bat. The Cardinals are probably glad they didn’t sink a big dollar deal into him when he went to the Cubs.


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    Very embarased I had a brain cramp.

    Nothing to be embarrassed about! This is a lot of (and very good) research. Thanks for taking the time to find and share!

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