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    Taking out BA, OBP, and OPS and just looking at home run power, here’s how the individual Cardinals look in 2017 if their seasons were extended to 600 PAs –

    DeJong – 41 Hrs
    Grichuk 28 HR
    Pham – 27 HRS
    Fowler – 25 HRs
    Gyorko – 23 HRs
    Carpenter – 20 HRs
    Piscotty – 13 HRs (ouch)
    Wong – 3 HRS (double ouch)

    So do we already have enough power? Is it consistent contact and OBP that needs improvement?

    Also, do we possibly have our number 3 hitter that everyone has been asking for?

    DeJong in 2017 –

    Memphis – 190 PA/13HR/34RBI
    Cardinals – 204/14HR/32RBI

    Or is he too porous with 62 KS and an OBP of only
    .314 at the major league level?



    Tyler O’Neill will help both in a year or less.

    I agree obp is where we need help. Wongs lack of power doesnt bother me. Piscotty does. Carpenter does due to position. Fowler probably won’t do this again. Pham would be fine if he played center.

    Dejong will likely pull a grichuk for a year or so at some point… So I cant annoint him a cleanup hitter. Might be a fairly good 6 or maybe even 5 hole guy though where obp isnt as important.

    Conclusion? We probably need a bit more but obp is a bigger issue.

    Nathan Leopold Jr.



    You are right as always. Walk down to Junior’s office and tell him they don’t have to do anything this winter either. You have solved their problem. Now, we are ready for 2018. Thanks bc!!!


    Agree 100% as far as OBP.

    Carpenter –

    2017 OBP – .381
    Career OBP – .376


    Fowler –

    2017 – .333
    Career – .364

    Big Problem. His OBP in 2016 was a career high .393.
    He’s way off what we expected in this category.

    Piscotty –

    2017 – .348
    Career – .348

    He’s okay with OBP. His power is way down, though.

    Gyorko –

    2017 OBP – .347
    Career OBP – .305

    Way up. Maybe here’s our future #3 hitter if he can cut down on Ks.

    Grichuk –

    2017 – .282
    Career – .298

    Stint in the minors didn’t help much.

    Molina –

    2017 – .304
    Career – .336

    The problem here is that his OBP in 2016 was .360.

    Wong –

    2017 – .377
    Career .318

    BIG improvement.

    Pham –

    2017 – .371
    Career – .361


    The real OBP culprits are Grichuk, Fowler, and Molina. Grichuk may see a lot less playing time if the Cards settle on Fowler, Pham, and Piscotty to make the run over the next 2 months. His door may be closing.



    While we have hit some HRs this year, the best offense is a mix of OBP and power. The fact that Fowler has a lower OBP this year is my main problem with him. Being at the top of the order, we need him to get on base. I am ready to move on from Grichuk. He strikes out too much and doesn’t get on base enough or put enough fear into opposing teams.

    I have a feeling Piscotty may revert his swing back to what it used to be over the winter and that would be a good thing, IMO. He needs to get back to what made him successful and not try to be something he is not.

    The whole question becomes who could we acquire to carry the offense and strike fear into opposing pitchers? I think our farm system is FINALLY strong enough to able to make a difference-making trade this winter.


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    Yes we have some power, but as we saw in 2016, that doesn’t necessarily lead to a productive offense. Going station to station isn’t efficient. I think monitoring our RBI numbers would be more revealing. It seems to me that we have too many players on track for 25HR and 60RBI, which isn’t very effective. We must lead the league in solo homers.


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    Nice post Bccran
    You showed a big part of the offensive woes this year.Too many guys are underperforming and not enough guys overperforming to make up the difference.Grichuk with his huge power potential is still working on better contact athough since his latest recall he has hitting 14-42 .333 with 11 Ks .Gyorko is fading fast,Yadi is too busy being disruptive and playing manager and batting in the wrong spot.Piscotty`s year has been a mess for several reasons,Diaz played himself back to Triple A,Fowler has been a letdown due to injury ?,Wong missed time and Carpenter has been a slug on the bases and acts like Eddie Yost too often.
    Only Pham who has played above his head,DeJong who has been a pleasant surprise and has shown a little better eye at the plate have been positives offensively .So its not hard to see why the offense is anemic quite often.

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