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    BW, that is kind of what I am referring to, as well. I don’t see a big difference maker that is currently ready to step into the majors. I see a few who are on the verge of being ready but I think they could use 1/2 a season in AAA to finish getting ready.

    I consider Reyes, Kelly and Bader as ready to be in the majors although I believe Kelly and Bader have to “get their feet wet”. I think O’Neill is close and Adolis Garcia could be ready shortly but neither can step in right away and make a difference. I think Flaherty would be best served to go to AAA and work a few things before being counted on in the majors. Hudson, Gomber and Poncedeleon all need some AAA time, as well.

    A midseason trade can very easily help thin out some depth or open up an opportunity. However, if we could make a deal, now, that would help the team, I hope they make it.

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    One story I posted today outlines the 13 of the top 27 players on the roster who have left since 2017 Opening Day. In other words, the Cardinals have been methodically clearing roster spots for months now. As far as I have seen, no one has declared the work done, nor should they. I don’t get the reason for the current impatience.


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    My current would be:

    1) Solid closer – but I have no expectation of this happening

    2) Bullpen depth. This would include one veteran middle relief guy and at least one veteran Minor league FA who has a chance to contribute. I actually expect this to happen. I think the price for such a veteran will drop to the $2-3 million range.

    3) backup catcher. We will be better off with a Frye type and Kelly staying sharp at Memphis. This also would probably allow for more years of team control for Kelly.

    4) A LH hitting upper level outfield prospect. We have quality depth at the position but they all hit RH. This needs to be rectified.

    5) Yeah, another starter might be nice but it seems too remote to even consider


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    1. Established Closer
    2. Rotation Addition (Either an elite pitcher like Archer or Arrieta or a #5 like Hellickson or Cashner).
    3. Big bat for 1B or 3B
    4. Middle IF addition like Profar

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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