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    On the heels of CC’s healthy roster topic, I am trying one more specialized to see what people think of how to make the pen work.

    The pen obviously needs some work IMO, so post your thoughts on how to revamp the pen.

    Now this is an AS IS idea, so if guys are hurt or hurting then you should take that into account. Same goes for 40man implications (so if you want Guilmet, then who comes off?)

    Guilmet (Baron off 40man), give the guy a shot, if he fails then you can remove him from 40man for someone else

    Mayers/BRebbia- up and down shuttle man
    Gant/Gomber- on way up once CMart shows he is healthy, Guilmet or Brebbia down
    Greene- being made ready fast
    Helsley- being made ready fast
    Sherriff-up if Cecil or Lyons go down to injury
    Bowman-up if healthy AND others are failing, spend his time at AAA getting his mojo back
    Gregerson-unknown but i’d give him a long rehab nonetheless
    Holland- cant count on returning, but long rehab if returning
    Leone- can’t count on returning

    I think Cecil as much as i am not a fan of it…may be close to DFAing to clear a 40man spot, he just doesnt seem to have it

    i hate to punish guys because of injuries, but we are getting into a bind with needing arms to help the pen, something has to change and if guys cant stay healthy or perform then you have to move on…

    At the moment i think we have enough spots on the 40man and enough options that we can make it work
    Greene is on the 40man…Guilmet can get added, and if we wanted Helsley that woudl probably be made clear how it could work if and when (whether removing, trading, releasing, via poor performance etc.)

    We still have a fair number of bullets to try…


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    and i just realized i typo’d the topic title… ugh… Brian if you can change it…please do

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    I’m beginning to think a roster full of youngsters might be just as good or better than what we’ve got:

    Gomber/Lyons (we don’t need that many LHP)

    Memphis would suffer but so what??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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