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    After seeing that two major league pitchers got busted for PED’s and considering the upsurge in home runs in the major leagues you could suspect that there are some new things out there that the tests don’t pick up.

    I am typically not a conspiracy theory person so I will not suggest that Aaron Judge leaping from the #6 prospect of the Yankees at the beginning of spring training to the newest “Sultan of Swat” is using anything. I recall when we were more than mildly upset when there were suspicions about Pujols.

    But I did check around to see if anything else was popping up. The most interesting case is the Milwaukee Brewers who have 8 of their contributing players having already eclipsed their career high in home runs at the all-star break. 5 of the 8 have also exceeded their career total home runs. The lowest OPS of the 8 is shortstop Orlando Arcia at .740. The highest Shaw at .938 and Thames at .936. This while injury plagued Braun and Villar are having an off season. Of course Braun is already a one time loser.

    Also of interest is that Thames knocked around 2010 to 2012 and has been absent from the major leagues since until this breakout year. Aguilar was in and out of the majors for 10 years and Hernan Perez for 6 years before their breakout seasons.

    A team wins the pennant when most of their players have career years. This could be the big one for Milwaukee.

    Brian Walton

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    You need to look at the overall game. There has been a large increase in home runs in MLB as a whole.

    The percentage of plate appearances resulting in home runs peaked at 2.99 percent in 2000, the height of the Steroids Era, according to data compiled by the commissioner’s office. After sinking to 2.28 percent in 2014, it rose to 2.67 percent the following year, 3.04 percent last season and 3.30 percent this year.

    MLB is also looking into the baseballs further and thinking about investigating bat manufacturing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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