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    14nyquis-I sure hope you are being sarcastic.If the Cards FO even thinks about that trade then they should be fired .


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    Guys who could be taken off 40-man


    I hadn’t really looked him up, but why would we expose Wick to the Rule 5 draft again? He struggled at Memphis this year after just 19 innings at Springfield in 2016, but he’s turned it around at Springfield, sporting a 2.45 ERA.

    For the year, he has a 3.51 ERA with a 9.7 K/9 rate and 4.6 BB/9 rate. I think he will be just fine as Tuivailala’s “shuttle” replacement next season.


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    We were really put out because we lost Cordoba last year. Think how we would feel if Sosa, Alvarez and Wick or all of them were claimed. Teams are smart enough to look past injuries, particularly position players.

    Also, Alvarez is swinging the bat much better since his return and Wick is pitching well as well. Sosa just played his first rehab game. Not in favor of that move.

    But we are going to have to make some tough decisions. I expect to see a fair number of 40 man roster guys non-tendered, up to and including guys like Greg Garcia.


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    I don’t think we will hit non tendering on some of these guys…that is a zero return…i dont think we need to do that…we will have plenty of time to make some moves

    trading for less than a stellar return? perhaps…

    we know this offseason is big and should include moves, perhaps we can package together some 40 man folks to upgrade something…i think that is the hope… but the more obvious the plan is the less value yo ucan get

    Garcia + MLB outfielder + pitching prospect is a good package
    outfielder + pitching prospect + infield prospect is nice too

    Oh …replaced by Reyes
    Duke….replaced by Tuivalala/Brebbia (on 25 man role more so for Lyons to take)
    Lynn….replaced by Weaver/Flaherty

    remove: (these guys are all potential, all might bring back something)

    trading from our strengths and depth is kind of a must for this offseason especially when we have identified a need for the middle of the lineup

    Moving Kelly is an option…i think we can find a veteran backup and wait on Knizner if need be…


    all have value right now…adding them to more prospects should bring us back very good talent

    I think we can make room…i just think we need to lower our expectations for a return for some of them in case it happens….as i would much rather take a lesser deal than lose a guy to rule 5 or get nothign via non tendering

    Regardless, we are going to be saying goodbye to some prospects and players this offseason…


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    I didn’t know where else to post this. But for what its worth, Adolis Garcia’s name is pronounced
    ah-doh-LEES. I always thought his name was pronounced uh-DOH-lis for some reason. Heard it on FM 101.1 this morning on the Kevin Wheeler Show.


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    Who do we really have that could help land an impact player or top prospect. Really not many except our top prospects. I do agree that getting even a mid level prospect is better than non-tendering.

    We must protect O’Neill, Bader, Sierra, Alvarez, Alcantara, Machado, Weaver. I don’t believe we have to protect Flaherty and Sosa could slide by because of serious injuries two years in a row.

    Pearce, Gomber, Morales, Gant and Wick may be exposed.

    I believe that we lose Mejia, Martini, and Valera to the 6 year free agency route. If we call up Valera I doubt that he would get much playing time and we will probably remove him from the roster. I like Voit but I think the jury is really still out on him and we don’t need a second first baseman. Would not be surprised to see him dropped from the 40 man roster. I think there are teams out there that would risk a rule 5 on several of these guys.

    Our problem may be that our less than high ceiling depth would just create the same problem for another team that we would bundle a bunch of guys for.

    The problem I have is I don’t know who other teams are even interested in and what other teams needs are.

    Bottom line is we have to do the best job we can at addition by subtraction.


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    Machado doesn’t have to be protected yet.

    Mejia will not be a minor league FA this winter.

    But agree with most of the rest. Don’t believe Sosa would make it through waivers though. If Gomber is unprotected I believe we lose him.


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    Sorry, meant Mercado. Also Wisdom is a likely loss. Good fielder with 20-30 HR power. K’s seem to mean a lot less now.


    Sooner wrote:

    ‘The problem I have is I don’t know who other teams are even interested in and what other teams needs are.’

    That’s why we are all commenting here and not in the Card’s F.O. Very, very few are privy to that info. Us guys can only guess and argue about others’ guesses. And that’s why most trades and other personnel moves are such surprises to us. Eh…. you knew that already.


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    Giving up on Valera? Hasn’t he hit better Han .300 all but one year in the minors. As a switch hitter? I think the jury is pretty in on him being able to hit.

    His place is murky as he plays a lot of 2b. But he has been playing a lot of LF too.

    He’s even added a little pop this year.

    Greg Garcia to me seems like a trade candidate. He doesn’t have much of a role anymore and with Diaz coming back eventually his role is even less. I think he’d be good as a quality filler in a bigger deal or a deal for a decent but flawed in some way prospect. Replacing him with Valera doesn’t hurt us much IMO

    Throwing away Valera is a mistake. None of the middle infield players we might want to add has been as effective and proven his value as much as him. Sure he doesn’t play SS but that’s less of an issue with Diaz and DeJong around


    Valera started 33 games at SS (AAA-AA)last season. Valera is very versatile (2B/SS/3B/OF) and a switch hitter. His defense isn’t that bad for someone playing all those positions and he let’s his bat do his talking for him.

    Is he flawed in some other way? I don’t think he causes internal problems. Does he stink, literally?
    I can easily see him contributing in St.Louis.


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    I have always been a Velora fan but the Cardinals don’t seem to see him as a contributor. Also not Brian,s ranking of Valera. Brian probably has a lot more insight to the team officials thinking than most of us.

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