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    Do they still play the National Anthem before games? I havent seen or heard it played at Busch in a long, long time. Assume it’s done before I tune in.

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    Yeah they do. They did Opening Day. Not sure they did the on Memorial Day or last Sunday as I got in 1st inning and honestly it was so damn hot on both those days I would’ve back out due to the heat If I was scheduled. lol

    I know they show the Anthem at Blues games before the start.

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    Yes they still play it. The day I went, they had a group of kids I believe singing America the beautiful then had a local high school band play the national anthem.


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    They played it at Coors yesterday – actually it was a quartet on the field that sang it. Very nice rendition. I have never been to a game where it was not featured before the home club takes the field.

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    Years ago many networks quit airing the national anthem for games in baseball and other sports. It’s time they can use to make $$$$/show commercials.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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