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    AvatarBob Reed


    With apologies to Mark Harris, this is a variation of TEGWAR — but this one is The Exciting Game Without Any Rewards.

    The following clues will guide you to a prospect who didn’t even make the community top 100 here. But if things break just right, I’d say he could be in the top 12-15 in a year.

    1) He’s an infielder. A real infielder, not a first baseman.
    2) Mr. X has been with the Birds for 3 years, and each year been young for his level of competition.
    3) For 2 out of 3 seasons he’s been an above-average hitter by wRC+.
    4) His bat also projects well, with a Normalized Adj. Peak Slg. (NAPS) of .443 (~.400 = MLB average.)
    5) He was very hot down the stretch, at .311/.431/.556 with more walks than whiffs in his last 58 PA’s.

    Intrigued just a little? So can anyone guess the supersleeper?


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    My first guess was Figueira but i checked and he came in at #93. My second guess then is Moises Castillo.


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    Very refreshing to have a quiz where one can’t cheat by quickly looking on the net. This is a litmus test to see who amongst us really knows what’s going in Cardinal nation…..put me down for Irving Lopez, Bobby.

    AvatarBob Reed


    Good guessing, gentlemen. The winner is indeed Moises Castillo, CC. Well done!
    And you’re right to mention the difficulty factor, Pugs. I wanted the answer not easy to divine via cursory research.

    Anyway, Castillo played in the DSL at 16, the GCL at 17, and the Appy League at 18. (I expect he’ll return there in 2019.) So the organization has shown some confidence in his ability to compete against older players.

    Moises was a slightly above average batter in both 2016 and 2017. He struggled for most of the 2018 season, but then flipped a switch at season’s end. Specifically, over his first 135 plate appearances he homered just once, while posting a crummy 7/31 BB/K ratio. Then over the final two weeks (58 PA’s) he homered three more times while drawing 11 walks and striking out on just 7 occasions — and posting that aforementioned OPS of nearly 1.000.

    Could just be a blip, for sure. Probably was. But IF half of that radical improvement was real then Castillo becomes an interesting guy. And if 2/3 of it was real he’s a top 20 Cardinal prospect, assuming he can stick in the middle infield.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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