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    The Redbirds have sent Pham, DeJong, Weaver, Brebbia, Voit and now Bader and Kelly to St. Louis and are still dominating the Pacific Coast League. Of course a team can catch lightning in the bottle in a given year but i continue to be amazed at how players do so well there and often times better than they did at AA.

    I watch either Springfield or Memphis every night on my computer depending on who is pitching. Lot of good looking prospects there. Looks like we hit paydirt on Adolis Garcia and Arozarena. Also looks like Machado may be moving up from the Gulf Coast League based on his start there.

    I also like O’Neill. Clearly a good runner with a good arm and hits the ball hard. Young for AAA. Now the big question is how are we going to handle all of the good outfield prospects we have in AA and AAA.


    Regarding O’Neill… at some point the Cards will have to get him into Busch to see what they got for MGonzales. They didn’t trade Marco for a AAAA outfielder.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Sierra and Mercado, because after the Springfield bunch you have to go down to Carlson(18 y.o.) at Peoria to find a solid prospect that will move up. State College has Hurst and Benson that could produce. Denton, Plummer and Robbins are fizzling right now.


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    When guys like Bader and Kelly are there, this might be the best Memphis team since the days of Craig, Freese, Jay, Descalso and all those “Memphis Mafia” guys.

    It’s great to see the talent we have in the high minors. One of my all-time favorite Cardinal AAA teams was the 1966 Tulsa team – Steve Carlton, Ted Savage, Alex Johnson, Elio Chacon, Walt “No Neck” Williams, Bobby Tolan – their outfield was so talented that the speedy Tolan played a lot of first base on that team.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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