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    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Matt Adams with Atlanta
    Thru June 22 (31 games): 12 HR, 31 RBI, .298/.348/.661/1.009
    Since June 22 (11 games): 0 HR, 1 RBI, .256/.286/.359/.645

    Was the honeymoon just one month long or is this a two-week slump that will pass?


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    Remember we are talking about a guy who is worth an A ball prospect. If he can stay on the field, he will probably get hot again for a couple weeks. That’s how its gone with him. His improved physique, if it sticks, may help some, but it clearly didn’t amount to popping open a can of whoop ass or anything.


    Coming through the minors, in almost 1,500 at bats –


    He’s a hitter. Just needed to stay healthy and be in the lineup every day.


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    Hard to say. The league knows him pretty well, so I think if he is healthy, he is a decent hitter.

    He’s not a 1.000 OPS hitter, but I think he would be a solid .850 guy. Being trimmer will hopefully keep him on the field more.

    I had mentioned before about asking the Rockies’ GM about their thoughts on Adams, and they had little to no interest. So his reputation was not all that great among other teams, as evidenced by the return we got for him. He is a guy who may have been under-valued.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Why would Adams become a solid .850 guy all of the sudden? As has been well-documented already, Adams has made a nice side career endorsing various weight loss regimens.

    After 1,721 career plate appearances at the MLB level, Adams’ career OPS is .769. He only had one partial year with St. Louis when his OPS was over .780, way back in 2013. He turns 29 years old next month. At what point do we accept that he is what he has been over six years, not what he was over one hot month after being traded?

    (This reminds me a bit of the passionate supporters of Eric Fryer, who latched onto a small sample of success, choosing to ignore years of prior track record. Fryer is currently batting .154, by the way.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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