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    It sounds to me that Marmol is calling out Knizner now. Bader— Woodford—Knizner. He must have managed all of them at one time or another.

    J.P. Hill (VEB) this morning.

    Yadier Molina’s status as a future Hall of Famer elevates him beyond public criticism from the club’s rookie skipper. Andrew Knizner’s status as a career backup and replacement-level producer simply doesn’t.

    Thus the young backup/platoon partner gets the public scolding. Molina gets a pass.

    Pointing this out on social media brought out the Yadier Molina Defense Force, with refrains of “he’s old, what do you expect!” and “He’s earned this!” and “It’s Knizner that needs to prove himself!”

    Those excuses ring pretty hollow to me.

    Marmol is spewing some negativity. Why?? The Cards are in 1st place! He is not winning the favor of some fans.



    What has Marmol said to call out Knizner?


    Normal after game interview several days ago. Reporter asked him if the Cardinals need to get more offense out of catcher, specifically Knizner. Marmol was transparent – said yes, and said Knizner is working to improve. I didn’t deem it as
    negative – just being honest.

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    Some people seem too sensitive. Some criticized the prior manager for not bring candid enough. I hope they are different fans than the ones who don’t like Marmol’s candor. I have to wonder.

    If those sensitive people include the players being singled out, maybe they should look in the mirror. They can only control themselves. But if the players aren’t bothered, why do some get upset for them?

    Knizner is under the Mendoza Line this season. His June OPS is .205. Again, that is OPS! He is getting regular playing time,b but simply isn’t producing. Of course, he needs to get better if he wants to keep his job. Otherwise, he could be in Memphis with Herrera getting a shot. Molina is what he is.

    If Marmol ever loses his clubhouse, it won’t be over how he motivates young players. Treating everyone the same way seems nice on paper, but it isn’t real.


    I’m really looking forward to seeing how Herrera plays at the major league level. For some time he has been touted as Yadi’s successor.


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    Personally, I think Marmol’s candor is a breath of fresh air after listening to years of coach speak.

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    I didn’t take the jab at knizner as anything. He has been struggling lately. That’s totally different than making stuff up with bader. In the end, he’s the manager though.

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