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    Josh Hamilton was arrested earlier today for 3rd Degree child abuse of his oldest daughter. The account of the attack sounds horrific.

    Hamilton’s daughter told authorities that her father threw a full water bottle at her chest after she made a comment Hamilton didn’t like, the warrant said. He then allegedly began cursing and yelling at her before grabbing a chair her feet were resting on and throwing it.

    “The victim said she fell to the ground and landed on her hip, which according to the victim, left a bruise,” the warrant said. “Her father then picked her up from the floor and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to her room. During this time the victim was yelling ‘I’m sorry.'”

    Hamilton allegedly threw his daughter on the bed, pinned her down, and hit her legs with both an open hand and closed fist, according to the warrant. His daughter said to authorities that her father left scratches on her back from his fingernails and ripped her sweatshirt during the assault.

    The former outfielder allegedly told her: “I hope you go in front of the f—— Judge and tell him what a terrible dad I am so I don’t have to see you anymore and you don’t ever have to come to my house again.”

    You can read the rest of the account and arrest here:

    Actually this story is blowing up and many outlets are now reporting the story: TMZ, Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, etc.


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    Wow, that is horrible. Hamilton either has a lot of anger issues to deal with, or he was high on something.

    Sounds like he really needs to get help before his life spins out of control again.


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    Hamilton has had many off the field problems over the years. I hope his kid is ok and I hope he can finally turn his life around.



    Didn’t read the full account but having raised 4 kids I can say teenagers and punk kids can really push your buttons. Real child abusers do much worse than this. From this account sounds like some kind of custody or visitation must be going in . Teenagers are sometimes not what one would consider reasonable people. Hope they can work out a manageable arrangement

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