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    It could be they get them when they are starting to go into career decline.



    I wonder what it is about St Louis that causes players to just go bust once they get here? And it seems that callups have a one year grace period before they, too, fall off?

    I hate to say it but the ballpark plays more to LHH than right handed bats IMO. It’s not a popular opinion because Busch 3 is looked at as a mecca for Cards fans but the park plays more for pitching. It hurts the lineup and we won’t pay for elite power (maybe). Another reason is the league adjusts. The players have to adjust as well. Some do and others don’t.

    Honestly I’m not buying for a 2nd an Ozuna reunion unless either he takes a QO or we trade Fowler and eat some contract. No with the current albatross in RF and 3rd and the uncertain play of Goldschmidt. That would be a heck of a commitment financially.


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    stl-25 Those are good questions. I hope that the FO comes up with some answers. No-trade extensions and long term big money no trade contracts haven’t helped and have actually hurt by those players being forced to be played (Carpenter and Fowler). If they do something about that we can move forward with a new purpose.

    There has been more wasted money in the last few years, especially in the FO trying to land bullpen help.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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