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    Over the course of several weeks to kick off the new year, several of TCN’s best and brightest aspiring General Managers tested their mettle against each other and the slings and arrows of the snake draft, coming up with 9 “all time” Cardinals teams. The rules were that participants were required to pick a lineup of eight position players, two bench players, five pitchers and a manager. All draftees were required to have played one full year or two partial years with the St Louis Cardinals. GMs have set their lineups, and now’s the time to determine which team is best by settling it “on the field!”

    Your role? To vote for those teams you feel are the best and brightest, by using the “Contact Us” form on the site. Brian Walton has generously agreed to help us tabulate results. Anyone is eligible to vote, but one vote maximum per user applies. Here’s how your vote will count:

    1-All rosters will be listed in the nine posts after this one. I will post them in initial draft order. Your vote is not required to consider only time with the Cardinals. Teams were tasked with finding the best overall players, not to specifically consider only the tenure with our favorite team. Your vote may be formulated however you choose (favorite players, fascination with power, a tilt toward pitchers, most Hall of Famers, SABR-leaning, etc).

    2-You will use the “Contact Us” page to send an email with the subject line “ALL TIME CARDINALS DRAFT VOTING.” CLICK TO VOTE

    3-Please list your username for your vote to be legit (this will play into section 5).

    4-Vote for your TOP 5 teams, in order (1-5). Please list the team name (given by the manager) with each entry.

    5-You may *not* vote for your own team.

    6- Please do not post your vote in this thread. I would like the results to be as private as possible to add to the fun for everyone as the games go on.

    7-Results will be weighted as we do for other voting results. So a #1 vote is worth 5 points, a #2 vote 4 points, and so on. Tiebreaker will be most #1 votes, then most #2 votes, etc.

    8-Each series, including the play-in series, will be a best of three games.

    9-A randomized bracket has been set up, and the higher point earner in the voting will win each matchup. Thus, the top vote earner will be the winner overall. All other matchup winners will be determined by the weighted results of the vote. For example, if the #4 vote earner plays the #7 vote earner in the first round, they will advance, but if they face the #2 vote earner in the second round, the #2 will move on.

    10-Dates-Voting will close at 9 AM EST/7 AM CST on January 29, 2022. This will give us time to collect and sort all the votes, and for me to start writing the game narratives. I intend on posting one game per day, which should get us through the next month and hopefully into the start of baseball again.

    The rest of the schedule will be as follows:

    Opening Series: Jan 29-31
    Quarterfinals: Feb 1-3, Feb 4-6, Feb 7-9, Feb 10-12
    Semifinals: Feb 13-15, Feb 16-18
    World Series: Feb 19-21


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    Memphis Cardinals
    Manager Red Schoendist

    S – Rafael Furcal – SS
    S – Carlos Beltran – RF
    L – Larry Walker – LF
    R – Orlando Cepeda – 1B
    L – Jim Edmonds – CF
    R – Troy Glaus – 3B
    L – Darrell Porter -C
    R – Placido Polanco – 2B

    UT – R Reggie Sanders -Pinch Hitter and Runner
    UT- S Terry Pendleton Defensive Replacement at 3& PH

    SP1- RHP Bob Gibson
    SP2 – RHP Lon Warneke
    SP3 – RHP Dan Haren

    P – LHP Jerry Reuss
    P- RHP Dennis Eckersley


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    Casper Cardinals
    Manager – Johnny Keane

    L – Jose Cruz – CF /R – Eddie Stanky – 2B
    R – Eddie Stanky – 2B /R – Roger Bresnahan – C
    L – Stan Musial – RF /L – Stan Musial – RF
    R – Joe Medwick – LF /R – Joe Medwick – LF
    L – Jim Bottomley – 1B /R – Joe Torre – 3B
    R – Joe Torre – 3B /R – Ed Konetchy – 1B
    R- Roger Bresnahan – C /L – Vada Pinson – CF
    R – Dick Groat – SS /R – Dick Groat – SS

    SP1 – RHP Mordecai Brown
    SP2 – LHP Bobby Shantz
    SP3 – LHP Bob Caruthers

    P – RHP Burleigh Grimes
    P – Slim Sallee


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    Springfield Cardinals
    Manager – Miller Huggins

    S – Lance Berkman – RF
    R – Chick Hafey – CF
    L – John Joseph McGraw – SS
    R – Matt Holliday – LF
    L – Keith Hernandez – 1B
    R – Gene Tenace – C
    L – Solly Hemus – 2B
    R – Ken Boyer – 3B

    Bench – L -Jake Beckley vs R
    Bench -R – Miller Huggins vs L

    SP1 – RHP Cy Young
    SP2 – RHP Kid Nichols
    SP3 – RHP Vic Willis

    P – LHP Howie Pollet
    P – RHP Troy Percival (closer)


    Paid - Annual


    Peoria Cardinals
    Manager – Billy Southworth

    R – Curt Flood, CF
    R – Minnie Minoso, LF
    R – Rogers Hornsby, 2B
    L – Johnny Mize, 1B
    L – Enos Slaughter, RF
    R – Whitey Kurowski, 3B
    R – Walker Cooper, C
    R – Al Dark, SS

    Bench – R – Lonnie Smith, OF
    Bench – S – Jose Oquendo, IF

    SP1 – RHP – Grover Cleveland Alexander
    SP2 – LHP- Harry Brecheen
    SP3 – RHP -Larry Jackson

    P – RHP – Lance Lynn
    P – RHP – Jason Isringhausen (Closer)


    Paid - Annual


    Galena Cardinals
    Manager – Joe Torre

    S – Vince Coleman – LF
    S – Garry Templeton – SS
    L – Ray Lankford – CF
    R – Albert Pujols -3b
    L – Bill White – 1B
    R – George Hendrick – RF
    R – Tony Pena – C
    S – Red Schoendienst

    Bench- R -Mike Shannon Covering 3b and OF
    Bench- R – Bake McBride Covering OF

    SP1 – RHP – Bob Forsch
    SP2 – RHP – Matt Morris
    SP3 – RHP – Joaquin Andujar

    P – RHP – Danny Cox
    P – LHP -Rick Ankiel


    Paid - Annual


    Northwest Arkansas Redbirds
    Manager – Branch Rickey

    L – Lou Brock, LF
    S – Willie McGee, CF
    R – Jack Clark, 1B
    L – Roger Maris, RF
    R – Gary Gaetti, 3B
    L – Tommy Herr, 2B
    R – Marty Marion, SS
    R – Tim McCarver, C

    Bench – R – Pedro Guerrero – Platoon 3B
    Bench – R- Ron Gant – Platoon RF

    SP1 – RHP -Dizzy Dean
    SP2: Curt Simmons
    SP3 – RHP -John Lackey

    P – RHP -Andy Benes
    P – RHP – Dan Quisenberry (closer)


    Paid - Annual

    Nigel T

    Louisville Redbirds
    Manager – Whitey Herzog

    R – Bobby Bonds – LF
    L – Delino Deshields – 2B
    R – Mark McGwire – 1B
    S – Reggie Smith – RF
    R – Nolan Arenado – 3B
    S – Ted Simmons -C
    R – Eric Davis – CF
    R -Edgar Renteria – SS

    UT – S- Bobby Bonilla
    UT – S Gregg Jefferies

    SP1 – RHP – Adam Wainwright
    SP2 – RHP -Mort Cooper
    SP3 – LHP -Mike Cuellar

    P – RHP – Jessie Haines
    P – LHP – Jim Kaat


    Paid - Annual


    Jamestown Cardinals
    Manager Tony Larussa

    S – Frankie Frisch, 2B
    L – JD Drew, RF
    R – Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
    R – Dick Allen, LF
    R – Scott Rolen, 3B
    L – Andy Van Slyke, CF
    R – Spud Davis, C
    R – Bobby Wallace, SS

    Bench L- Matt Carpenter, IF
    Bench L- Jesse Burkett, OF

    SP1 – LHP – Steve Carlton
    SP2- RHP – Dazzy Vance
    SP3- LHP – Max Lanier

    P- RHP -Jack Flaherty
    P- RHP -Tom Henke (Closer)


    Paid - Annual


    Little Rock Cardinals
    Manager – Mike Shildt

    S -Ozzie Smith – CF
    R -Andres Gallaraga – 1B
    R -Tyler O’Neill – LF
    R -Brian Jordan – RF
    R -Yadier Molina – C
    R -Pepper Martin – 3B
    R -Julian Javier -2B

    Bench – R – Ryan Luwdick, OF
    Bench – R – David Eckstein, IF

    SP1 – RHP -Chris Carpenter
    SP2 – LHP John Tudor
    SP3 – LHP Mark Mulder

    P -RHP -Bruce Sutter
    P- RHP -Lee Smith


    Paid - Annual

    Finally, here’s a link to a document with all sorts of sortable (at least on your PC, it seems to not work on mobile for me anymore) stats for each team, individually and total). You are welcome to use it in sorting out your vote, or not. Enjoy!!

    TCN Draft All Time Cardinals Stats


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    thanks for your efforts commish and thanks for the platform and support of this draft BW


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    Bumping again. Vote til Saturday at 9 AM EST/8 AM CST. A reminder, vote for your top 5, not to include your own team.



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    I cast my vote yesterday. And thanks again stl25 for working on this.


    Paid - Annual

    Adding my appreciation to stlcard25 for a fabulous job. Great idea for an off-season diversion, and a terrific job in maintaining the draft and keeping things in line.

    Also thanks Brian for working with stlcard25 and setting up a way to play a tournament of these teams.

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    Agreed. I would like to express my genuine appreciation prior to my consistent immature displays of poor sportsmanship which could follow any losses my team suffers.



    Thanks for all the work you put into this. made the winter a little less boring. NigelT I gotta say your team is a solid 2nd place behind mine.

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    2nd place? Let the tantrums begin.


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    Paid - Annual

    I am told that voting is progressing…there’s still plenty of time to vote!

    I’m eager to see how things turn out. I’ve been writing some preliminary game writeups so that we are ready to go once the results are final. One thing is clear…one of every two players in a matchup will be happy with the way things go. Lol



    Getting a message to try later.

    Brian Walton

    Paid - Annual

    Where are you having problems, KS? I just tried the “CONTACT US” feature and it is working correctly. Alternatively, my email address is at the bottom of every article I post. Just use the specific subject so I am sure to catch it and include your votes. Thanks.



    This is the message I get. I will send to your Email

    There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.
    (This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.)



    Sent you my vote. Thank You sir.


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