Does MLB have a bigger surprise than 12-24?

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    I don’t think so. Not by a longshot. I’m not sure I read one article over the winter that didn’t have the Redbirds repeating as NLC Champions. I genuinely thought the team had improved over the offseason. I’ll afford plenty of credit and accolades to quite a few members of this site for pointing out the presense of a questionable 5 man, but I’m reasonably certain none of them had forseen a disaster to the degree of which we’ve seen thus far. I thought Mikolas would feature something similar to his last 3 seasons. Montgomery would provide a decent chance for a W every 5th day and was hoping a healthy Flaherty would pitch well enough to showcase his services in order to receive a reasonably nice pay envelope. And I was hoping Wainwright had enough left to put up one more respectable season on the board. I had no faith in Matz.

    But 12-24 and 9 games back in the NLC? Those two glaring set of numbers almost have to be the result of several other areas that are beyond what could be termed liabilities. After SP’ing, what area in this whole fiasco is the primary contributor to this team’s sudden and rapid descent to the status of worst team in the NL?

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