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    AvatarBob Reed


    Because there’s nothing about it on the MLB.com website. Here are the 11 current headlines:

    Latest News

    Alonso’s homer went HOW far? HOW fast?
    Sox roar back from 5-0 deficit, walk off
    Acuna hits majestic 462-footer onto concourse
    Padres sit atop NL West after wild win at Arizona
    Back in Triple-A, Vlad Jr. hits 3-run homer
    They had 1 career AB, 1 career hit. Nothing else.
    Mariners’ homer-happy hot start makes history
    Quintana rebounds to shut down Pirates, K’s 11
    Syndergaard argues with Braves’ mascot
    Pirates turn bizarre double play vs. Cubs
    Secrets revealed: 6 MLB logos that are hiding things

    A guess that four straight wins against what had been baseball’s hottest team — and which also happens to be the two-time defending National League pennant-winners — just doesn’t rate as highly as Noah Syndergaard squabbling with a mascot, or a minor league home run. (Well, I guess it was a three-run homer. Those almost never happen.) Funny though, they did manage to get two cub stories in there. Oh, and there is a prominently displayed video clip of Walker Buehler’s home run. Does that count as Cardinal coverage?

    I know, I’m just another defensive Redbird fan with too much time on his hands and a propensity for kvetching. Guilty as charged.

    Anyway, one updated bit of info from an earlier thread. The Cardinal opponents this year now have a 26-13 record and a +29 run differential, against non-StL teams. Dodgers 8-2, Friars 7-4, Bucs 6-3, and Brewers 5-4. That is one nasty gauntlet they’ve gone through, and come out tied for first. Job well done, boys.

    The bad news is that Brebbia, Gant, and Leone are on pace to combine for 337 innings out of the bullpen. John Gant may already be physically compromised, having pitched in 8 of the first 13 games, and on target for more than 130 innings all by himself. Cross those fingers, Cardinal fans.


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    Speaking of, an ESPN Insider article talking about the series and describing the Cards and Dodgers as possible NLCS combatants. Special praise is given to the bullpen.



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    To go along with what Bob was saying MLB radio mentioned the series this morning but spent 75% of the time talking about how bad Wacha has looked lately. Really? That is the biggest takeaway from a 4 game sweep of supposedly the best team in the NL? Good grief.

    Avatar1982 willie


    well to be fair, the cardinals tend to play the dodgers well. but its ok to fly under the radar.

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