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    Which team has home-field advantage…Division champion vs Best record?


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    Division champ…..and it’s going to be a dandy of a series, GameCard.


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    I hope that is the match-up.



    Joe Kelly gives it up in the 10th. A grand slam to Howie Kendrick.

    7-3 Nats in the 10th.

    Washington vs. St. Louis in the NLCS barring a major miracle.

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    For the series, despite the Cards having home field advantage, the Nats are favored 58% to 42% per



    Nats have some huge momentum. I’d say the Nats are favored. It will go 7. The offense is the key. We need our offense and bully to lead the charge.

    What about Gant? He’s well rested. I think he could be key but at what price.

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    Coincidence. The last mlb game I attended was in Washington, Cards against the Nats. Fella named Leake pitched for us. Another fella named Bryce something or other played for them. We won. Was a warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m looking forward to Friday.
    Rah Cardinals!



    I would say it is a tossup. I still remember the 1954 Giants sweeping the Feller, Garcia, Lemon–led Indians. Seven games? Who wants it most?


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    The Cardinals certainly handled the Nats in the season series, but the playoffs can be quite the different beast. Having home-field will be a big thing for this team.

    How will the Cards roll out the rotation? Probably Waino and Mikolas in the first two, then Jack and Dakota in games 3 and 4?


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    Playoff baseball is all about who gets hot.


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    These Nats were 13 games under .500 after the first 50 games. And with Bryce Harper having gone on to greener pastures, who besides our very own RatsBuddy, could ever have imagined this team getting back to .500, let alone being on the precipice of their first WS appearance? Unfortunately for we Cardinal fans, these guys seem like a team of destiny.



    The Nat’s have their “Big 3” pitchers who they seem to use in every situation possible which makes sense on their end. One big key for the Cards going to the World Series – being very patient at the plate against them and get those pitch counts up early. The Nats actual BP is known to be weak and if we can get to them early and often, that would be a major plus.

    I’ve outlined below how much each has been used, and in the ten days leading up to Friday night, their pitch totals are pretty normal overall and not nearly as high as I would have initially guessed.

    Total pitches in the past 10 days (2 starts time frame)
    Scherzer – 200
    Strasburg – 224
    Corbin – 164

    10-9 (1 day of rest before Cards series)
    Stras – 105 pitches
    Corbin – 22

    10-7 (3)
    Scherzer – 109 pitches

    10-6 (4)
    Corbin – 35 pitches

    10-4 (6)
    Stras – 85
    Scherzer – 14

    10-3 (7)
    Corbin – 107

    10-1 (9)
    Scherzer -77
    Stras – 34



    Crazy we went from down 4-3 in the eighth of Game 4 with 2 outs to home field in the NLCS. What a day it was yesterday!


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    A pretty big choke job by the Dodgers. The Dodgers kind of remind me of the 1990’s Braves, where they win the division every year but can’t win the world series. I think the Braves won their division 15 times but only won one world series title.


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    How are fans like us picking this series:

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Odds from BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag).

    World Series
    Odds to win the 2019 World Series
    Houston Astros 13/10
    New York Yankees 5/2
    Washington Nationals 4/1
    St. Louis Cardinals 5/1

    National League Championship Series
    Washington Nationals vs St. Louis Cardinals
    Washington Nationals -130 (10/13)
    St. Louis Cardinals +110 (11/10)

    Exact Outcome
    Washington in 4 14/1
    Washington in 5 5/1
    Washington in 6 9/2
    Washington in 7 5/1
    St. Louis in 4 16/1
    St. Louis in 5 8/1
    St. Louis in 6 5/1
    St. Louis in 7 9/2

    Will either team sweep the series?
    Yes +700 (7/1)
    No -1000 (1/10)

    What Game Will Series End?
    Game 4 8/1
    Game 5 11/4
    Game 6 2/1
    Game 7 2/1

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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