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    As a team, the Cardinals managed to have the 17th best 2Bman in baseball, mostly headlined by Kolten Wong. Wong’s defense regressed in 2017, with negative DRS and UZR stats. As a whole, we were pretty abysmal at a 2B unit, with the 27th best UZR rating.

    Wong was complemented by Garcia, DeJong, and Carpenter at 2B, all of whom also had negative defensive numbers.

    Wong did put up a 107 wRC+ this year. His first positive wRC+ of his career. His BABIP surged from .268 last year to .331 this year and his BB% increased for the 5th straight year to now be above-average.

    I really see no reason why we can’t count on Wong for 2018 to continue his productive ways unless we are vastly changing our infield (IE, Donaldson or Moustakas). His back injuries likely aren’t long-term since he’s only 26 years old.

    Wong will make just $4.0M next year too. With Greg Garcia and Aledmys Diaz as the primary backups, I think we have the position covered pretty well at the ML level and Gyorko can always shift over from 3B or Carpenter from 1B.

    Minor-league wise, we traded Alvarez, but have several SS-types that can play 2B. Tommy Edman comes to mind for Memphis. Perhaps Diaz starts the year in Memphis too. Seferina is also an under-rated prospect that could surprise. I don’t know if we will have Mejia or Valera back in 2018 or if Arozarena would be up for moving to the position as CC mentioned earlier this offseason.

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    I don’t see how we can include Gyorko into the 2nd base overview when the last time he played there was May 23rd.

    It’s sounding more like Gyorko’s days in STL are numbered.


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    If healthy, I think Wong will be better in ’18 than this past year, perhaps significantly better. I think he is our second baseman for the next several years, barring a big trade or he becomes injury prone.



    IMO, Gyorko would be just as good of an option at 2B as Wong for next season. There are more 3B trade targets than there are 2B targets that would interest us and Wong is a much better trade piece than Gyorko (also why we may want to keep him)

    Gyorko’s bat would play better at 2B, like a Brian Dozier-lite kind of guy.


    The only reason for Carpenter to be anywhere near second base is when he hits a double.

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    Excuse me for being slightly off topic. But I was struck by your comment that: “Wong will make just $4 million next year…”

    I know, I know, the world is speeding past us old farts, but I still can’t get used to the idea that four million dollars a year is considered a pittance.

    It reminds me of that comment by Ill. Sen. Everett Dirksen many years ago: “A billion here, a billion there. Before you know it you’re talking about real money!”

    And yes, I think Wong is worth keeping around at 2b until something better comes along – which doesn’t appear to be imminent.



    What would everyone think about adding a guy like Brian Dozier this offseason?

    He’ll make (ducks from CIF haha) $9M next year. I’m not really sure how a trade like that would work though, but he’d give us a decent middle/order bat.

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