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    Brian Walton

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    He had a good 2021. Nice signing.


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    I have actually met Blake Parker. He is friends with a guy I work with. He played high school and college baseball here in NW Arkansas. I hope he makes the team and does well for the Cards.

    1982 willie

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    A nice veteran pitcher. Hopefully he can help out. I’m sure he will get his shot.

    Bob Reed


    Hard to find fault with this signing. Parker’s a little long in the tooth at 36, and unlike the standard modern reliever he doesn’t intimidate with velocity, but he was effective each of the past two years and has been a “clutch” performer for his career.

    Career, bases empty: .249 average allowed, and .714 OPS
    With men on base: .212 and .671
    Men in scoring position: .184 and .618

    In 2021 the splits were even more pronounced.
    Empty .842
    M.O.B. .591
    R.I.S.P. .477

    Parker did struggle in September, so there’s a chance he’s not healthy — or is simply washed up. But the risk here is virtually non-existent, and the upside is substantial. Nice job by the Redbird front office, I’d say.


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    My take is he’s a serviceable MLB pitcher who can stay on the field. We have trouble developing those in house.


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    Agree with almost everything posted. This could be a low risk / moderate reward signing. The potential is there to get some quality innings at some point.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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