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    Just for fun I surveyed the Cardinal minor league teams to see how many had more walks than strikeouts. Also noted the slugging percentage for those players.

    There were 9 but mostly small samples. Carson Kelly is for minor league service only.

    Carson Kelly – 22 BB/21 K’s – .437 Slg
    John Nogowski – 15 BB/12 K’s – .492
    Nick Dunn – 10 BB/9 K’s – .400
    Brandon Riley – 9 BB/2 K’s – .381
    Sanel Rosendo – 8 BB/4 K’s – .409
    Carlos Soto – 8 BB/3 K’s – .560
    Joerlin De Los Santos 18 BB/15 K’s .495
    3 walks and a single today, no K’s
    Sander Mora – 16 BB/12 K’s – .446
    Diiomedes del Oro – 22 BB/17 K’s .696 (includes both teams)

    Close call and not a small sample;
    Dylan Carlson – 10 BB/10 K’s – .426

    Joe DiMaggio was off the charts on these kind of numbers.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Looks like it becomes a lot harder as the pyramid narrows. All but two are in short-season ball.

    A thought about getting past the low numbers of at-bats is to look at career marks instead, but that obscures progress/declines in the recent year(s).

    In any case, this is interesting. Thank you for sharing your research with us.


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    Sorry messed up with Carlson. Those were his Peoria numbers. He is 26 BB and 42 K’s overall.

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