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    Results are in:
    National League
    Wong – Best Bunter (2nd)
    Molina – Best Hit and Run (1st)
    Wong – Best Base Runner (2nd)
    Goldschmidt – Best Defensive 1B (2nd)
    Wong – Defensive 2B (1st)
    Bader – Defensive OF (1st)

    Pacific Coast League
    Knizner – Best Defensive Catcher
    Nogowski – Best Defensive 1B
    Garcia – Best OF Arm

    Carlson – Best Defensive OF

    Palm Beach
    Fernandez – Best Changeup

    Whalen -Best Defensive 1B
    Gorman – Best Defensive 3B



    Some of those are nicely shocking. Glad to see Knizner as the best def C. That always seemed to be the big difference between him and Kelly, in that Kelly was much more advanced behind the plate supposedly.


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    So how are these rankings figured out? Is BA doing it themselves? Are the coaches voting? Players?

    I’m just curious. It’s nice to see a number of players with accolades.

    AvatarDerek Shore

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    BA surveys managers about best tools across every league.


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    That’s pretty cool news then that managers saw Gorman, Carlson and Knizner as the best at their positions.

    Knizner has looked good behind the plate from what I’ve seen of him at the MLB level this year. Hopefully he gets a real shot to play next year.

    Euro DandyEuro Dandy


    Nice to hear on Knizner. A few games ago, I heard McCarver say that up to this point he has been thought of as a hitter who happens to catch, and the hope/plan is for Knizner to evolve into a catcher who happens to hit. I’ve not been disappointed in what I’ve seen thus far either, although I don’t see how he gets a real shot to play next year without Yadi going down in a bad way. 2021 will be the year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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