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    The Cardinals have played two games against teams currently with a losing record.
    The first place Pirates have played two games against teams with a winning record.


    The Dodgers lead the National League in scoring, at 5.67 runs per game. The next six teams are all averaging between 5.43 and 5.52 tallies per tilt. The rankings:

    Dodgers 5.67
    Phils 5.52
    cubs 5.50
    CARDS 5.48
    Nats 5.45
    Mets 5.43
    Braves 5.43

    Conspicuous by their absence are the Brewers, who I thought were getting 4-5 RBI per game just from Yelich. Just goes to show, perception versus reality.


    Speaking of Yelich, his 229 OPS+ since last year’s Midsummer Classic is one of the hottest of sustained hot streaks in modern MLB history. In my admittedly cursory research, over the last 60 years the only superior stretches of dominance I could find were Willie McCovey in 1969, who had a roughly 250 OPS+ from Opening Day through June 15th, and Frank Thomas in 1994. Big Frank posted a 238 through the All-Star break that year, before cooling somewhat over the second half. (It should go without saying, but of course I excluded illegal PED cheats from this research. If we were talking Tour de France greats, we’d leave out Lance Armstrong, right?)

    Since you’re probably wondering, the best extended Albert Pujols hot streak was in 2009, from Opening Day through July 3rd, with a 217 OPS+. Albert’s single best calendar month was easily the 264 OPS+ in April of 2006, when #5 set the still-standing MLB April record of 14 homers — the record we’ll probably watch Yelich break in Busch Stadium this week. Maybe with two on and two out, since that seems to be when Shildt likes to pitch to him. Did it twice last week, resulted in two taters.

    Pro tip, Mr. Shildt: until Yelich is a mortal man again, make the next guy beat you. Remember Yelich’s three-homer game last week? The one with 7 RBI? In that game the batter right behind Yelich went 0-5 with 3 strikeouts.

    And yet, incredibly, the following night the Cards pitched to Yelich again with two on, two out. And he homered. Again.

    Forget the SABR playbook, Mr. Shildt, and act like you got some sense.



    What about the starters Bob?

    Oh you really meant fun stats.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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