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    I didn’t have too much trouble putting a preliminary roster together for Peoria. Low-A is basically a 22-23 year-old league with exceptions. One exception that I think the organization will make is placing Johan Oviedo at the full-season team. He’ll be 20 in March a will likely get a spot in the rotation. Alvaro Seijas is different in that he won’t be 20 until October of next year so I think he gets placed at State College to start out the season.

    Another question marks are Evan Mendoza. He got promoted to Peoria on Aug 10th after ripping up Hi-Rookie League pitching to the tune of .370. He’ll probably stay at Peoria in ’18. Is Delvin Perez ready for a full-season team? Not likely until he can hit for a higher average further down the line. Anyway, he’ll only turn 20 in Nov. ’18.

    You won’t find much speed on this team, with the exception of Hurst. Defensively, the right side of the infield, Kirtley/YGonzalez need to improve on their ’17 numbers.

    Mendoza and YGonzalez (5th in the league with a .305 BA) should provide some muscle along with Myers and Denton. This should be a solid team with a good rotation and some lively arms in the bullpen.

    I’d truly like to have others submit their own roster, opinions or comments. This is part of what the hot-stove is all about.







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    Anthony Shew and Ronnie Williams may be there.
    I think Ortega will have one of the catcher’s spots.
    Walsh a bullpen possibility along with Latcham and maybe Tilley
    Zgardowski may be gone from the organization along with Bautista who has had poor progress.
    Pinder should be there and I think Plummer will repeat.
    I believe that Mendoza will get to Palm Beach. He closed fast at Peoria.
    Machado could maka a Carlson like step up but more likely State College or Johnson City.
    Should not count out Ynfante. I think he would go before Benson.
    Would not be suprised to see Fiedler convert to the mound but probably at a lower level.

    Of course a lot depends on the makeup of the teams at the higher levels.

    the Cardinals usually challenge their best prospects so Seijas a real possibility.

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    SNC… I think that Shew moves up to PB, Williams’ landing spot is very much up in the air. I think that he gets a chance to start again somewhere. He’ll be 22 in Jan. so there’s time to set a plan in place for him.

    Agree, Walsh is a good possibility. At 25 Tilley needs to step up to PB.

    Some of the guys you bring up may move up may move up to PEO. after extended spring training. I like to see Pinder there. Ynfante may be too young and Machado for the same reason. I don’t know if Mendoza goes to PB because the Cards sometimes like to have their better hitters skip Palm Beach. Maybe he gets to Springfield sometime during the season.

    I forgot to mention that two players from the draft class of ’17 went right to Peoria (Kruczynski and Robertson). That is a possibility again, but we don’t know who and we don’t know their positions.

    I try to keep these quesstimates age appropriate and keeping the line moving. Guys that show the right stuff will get a shot at Peoria. Of course, injuries will decide some of the fates of these prospects, either moving them up to fill slots or slowing their progress if they get hurt.

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    Ymfante and Whalen definitely from JC. Bandes needs to be pushed, too. I believe he has five years in Rookie Ball. Same with Schlesener, so the clock is ticking. I fully expect one of Machado or Montero to make the GCL jump.


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    Dylan Carlson and Bryce Denton were the two youngest players to open the season at Peoria. Carlson (18) played out the season there with some good progress, and Denton (19) returned to State College after 70ABs in Peoria and hit .157.
    Rushing very young players too far along can do more damage than good. Some can adjust, most don’t. It’s a maturation process.

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