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    I still fear that the front office will just do as they’ve always done, make some miniscule trade and try to act like it’s a big deal then say that getting guys back from injury is like a trade…I hope that I’m wrong about that but…

    This, it’s the Mo way of doing things.



    This team just doesn’t have what it takes. I’m not ever down for a full on rebuild but you’ve got to consider getting what you can for Lynn and Oh. They won’t be here next season anyway.

    Also if they can’t find a place on the field for Carpenter then I think it’s a real possibility that they could move him. I personally think he should be in LF but it appears Fowler will end up there eventually.


    No place for Carp in the outfield, with Fowler, Grichuk, Piscotty, Pham, and Bader ready. I like Luke Voit, but if it’s Carp vs. Luke at
    1B, I’ll take Carp for now. We never should have traded Adams. The move would have been to trade Carp and platoon Adams and Voit at 1B.



    It sure does seem that these last few games have given us the answer to what should happen next. It seems like time to sell in the next three weeks.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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