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    Crazy game. The offense was on track, and Waino looked great, then gave up six in one inning. Fortunately the offense gave him a lot of room to work.

    The timing of adding Weaver seems a bit odd. Is he going to be a one-inning pitcher? I would prefer him starting every fifth day at Memphis that being a one-inning pitcher in St. Louis. Maybe they are hoping he can be a late innings guy and an improvement over what we have there. With the big lead last night, I would have brought him out for a second inning since he’ll most likely be a starter perhaps as early as next year.

    The new “Memphis Mafia” has really made their presence known. We now have Voit, DeJong, Mejia, Weaver, and even Pham from the Memphis roster that opened the season.


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    Voit has been fun to watch. Good at bats. I think he will be the one to go down when Wong returns. Hopefully he will have a good feel where he needs to improve.

    Wonder whether DeJong or Diaz ends up at shortstop. Diaz is getting hits at Memphis but still making bad decisions on swings out of the strike zone. Seems to be better balanced so someone must be making some headway with him. I suppose Garcia is a candidate to go or be traded.

    Big question on who goes when Fowler comes back. Martinez or Grichuk. Lot to like about Grichuk but if he doesn’t develop some plate discipline he may be the one to go. Or sell high to someone who is sold on his upside. Certainly will not be Pham.


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    Grichuk may just be what he is. A pretty good fielding 4th outfielder that hits for power off the bench. His power is still not to be overlooked in a pinch hitting role.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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