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    I too would like to see Flaherty, Montgomery and Alcantara but it appears like the deadline and waiver deadline the Cardinals just don’t want to do anything right now. They’ll be forced to make a move on the 40 man if Jack is added for Saturday. Who gets bumped?

    Idk man! In a sense I could understand why the brass just decided to stand pat at the deadline and let this play out. Then the team got to 8 in a row and they likely regretted not making a move but more or less just have a feeling on where this is going. They made this roster and if they finish .500 then it’s likely where they saw this team after May and if they defied the odds and made the playoffs their the smartest guys in the room.


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    Sherriff up for Rosy on 40 man

    remove Gilmartin to give Flaherty a start for Leake…or bring up Alcantara or someone else to add some spark to the pen

    a decision on Waino is looming as well

    still we need to clear a spot for Rosario for 3rd catcher on Sept. 1 too…

    tough decisions need to be made… which again is why a trade before the deadline where we moved a couple pieces would have been nice..

    i like Weaver and Piscotty…but Gray for Weaver and Piscotty would have been a pretty good move IMO…boosting the rotation, clearing an OF spot…helping make the decision on Lynn leaving or not easier…clearing a 40 man spot…… im sure it wasnt as simple as it sounded but i think we lost an opportunity there…

    we arent done, but the eroding rotation and bullpen is very worrisome….. we may need to outright some guys before the season ends

    Wick, Mayers, Gant, Gilmartin, one of the middle infielders further down, Lucas, Sherriff…i dunno… but when the fans know we have good young pitching waiting and we dont bring them up when we need it they start to grumble, reasoning because of 40man issues fall on deaf ears when we see the playoffs as a possibility

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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