Could Glaus miss two months?

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus may miss up to five weeks of the 2009 regular season, not two as the club claimed, due to surgery to smooth or debride a muscle that runs from his upper chest to his right, throwing shoulder, according to Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch on Friday. An earlier report that the labrum was involved was later corrected.

Since then, I have heard back from my injury expert, Rick Wilton of With a long history in the area of baseball injuries, Wilton has an update of his own after spending part of the day Friday chasing down information.

It isn’t good.

Wilton has confirmed the labrum was not involved in Glaus’ surgery, which is positive, but notes there aren’t many similar muscular cases against which to refer.

“The good news is it does not include the labrum. The fact it does involve the muscle makes it a bit more complicated, only because there is not a lot of examples of this type of surgery involving only the muscle,” Wilton told me Friday afternoon.

The fact that it is a recurrence of an earlier problem is a major part of the reason for Wilton’s concern.

“Considering the fact he had issues with the same shoulder late last year tells us it is a chronic situation,” he explained.

Wilton has seen the club’s 12-week estimate and wonders if that may be a hitting/throwing milestone and further suggests even the five weeks to return to the lineup is most likely optimistic.

Considering the recurrence, type of procedure, recovery and rehab time, which could easily include some period in the minor leagues, Wilton summed up his view of when Glaus will be back this way:

“I’m guessing he will miss up to two months (or return in late May),” Wilton concluded.

Ouch and double ouch!