Cardinals minors working rosters – March 27

With the release of nine players on Thursday, the current count of minor leaguers in St. Louis Cardinals in camp sits at 151.

A sure sign the regular season is approaching is the change from listing the minor leaguers as part of four more loosely-defined “groups” to now being ordered with the attached label of the four full-season minor league clubs.

There is one addition, the second Quad Cities team, which might instead be considered those players most likely to not make a full-season club. Rather than heading north with the others, the players on that roster as it looks next week will remain behind in extended spring training.

Again, there is still plenty of time for movement, which there will surely be. There will also be another round of cuts, so don’t assume these will be the final rosters.

Once the regular season begins, I will publish a refresh of the entire organizational roster matrix. The current version is accurate in terms of player names in and out, but the individual teams are still organized in the manner the players reported to camp.

Remember you can always find the current version from the “Players/Staff” tab on the top of the page. Look for “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix”. I prefer not to call them depth charts as I am not tracking playing time, but I use the label since I can see that many are searching for the information in that way.