Cardinals minors spring training groups

As the St. Louis Cardinals minor league camp opened earlier in the month, the population of 152 initial players invited was split into four Groups. While it would be tempting and natural to conclude the four groups correspond to each of the organization’s full-season teams – Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach and Quad Cities – that is not necessarily the case.

I am quite sure that since this list was prepared, there have already been players moved around, both because of performance as well as the net count of nine additional players reassigned from the major league club.

Still, this offers an interesting view of positional assignments and which pitchers are being prepared as starters (s) and which as relievers (r). The other classifications are first base (1b), infield (if) and outfield (of). The numeric prefix denotes the Group, one through four. Six players are out of action while rehabbing injuries.

For the full system listing, check out my Cardinals Roster Matrix. It is up-to-date in terms of a complete accounting of all players in the system, including the short-season clubs. I will next update the levels once the regular season rosters for the full-season clubs are set. That will be in about two weeks.

Pitchers Catchers First base Infield Outfield total
Group 1 21 4 3 8 6 42
Group 2 21 2 2 4 7 36
Group 3 18 4 2 4 6 34
Group 4 18 4 0 5 7 34
Rehab 5 0 1 0 0 6
total 83 14 8 21 26 152

Pitchers Pos/initial group Position players Pos/initial group
Additon, Nick s2 Arburr, Matt 1b rehab
Bilardello, Davis r2 Bogany, Jarred of4
Bird, Ryan s1 Bolivar, Domnit if3
Blazek, Mike s4 Brown, Andrew 1b1
Bradford, Jared s2 Buck, Brian of4
Bravo, Jon s rehab Buckman, Brandon 1b1
Broderick, Brian r2 Cartie, Bryan if2
Brown, George s3 Castellanos, Alex if4
Buursma, Jason r4 Castillo, Yunior if4
Cardenas, Hector s3 Castro, Ivan c4
Carpenter, David r3 Cawley, Jack c3
Castillo, Richard s2 Chambers, Adron of2
Choi, Hyang-Nam r1 Cruz, Paul of4
Daley, Gary r3 Cruz, Tony c1
Daman, Wayne r2 Curtis, Jermaine if3
Degerman, Eddie r2 Cutler, Charles c3
Delgado, Ramon r3 DeJesus, Antone of2
Dew, Josh r rehab DeLaCruz, Roberto if4
Diapoules, Mark s2 Derba, Nick c2
Dickson, Brandon s1 Descalso, Daniel if1
Eager, Thomas s2 Edwards, Jon of2
Ferrera, Anthony s4 Espinoza, Roberto c3
Fick, Chuckie r2 Folli, Mike if1
Fiske, Justin s1 Freese, David if1
Flores, Miguel s4 Garcia, Isa if1
Fornataro, Eric s3 Garcia, Jose if3
Freeman, Samuel r2 Gomez, Edwin of4
Frevert, Matt r4 Hamilton, Mark 1b1
Furnish, Brad r1 Henley, Tyler of1
Garceau, Shaun s1 Hill, Steven c1
Gonzalez, Dylan r3 Ingram, D’Marcus of3
Gonzalez, Marco r1 Jones, Daryl of1
Gonzalez, Reynier s4 Kingrey, Charlie of2
Gorgen, Scott s rehab Knoedler, Justin c1
Gregerson, Luke r1 Kozma, Pete if2
Haltiwanger, Russ r1 Lara, Edgar of4
Hearne, Trey r1 Lilley, Brett if4
Hernandez, Elvis r1 Luna, Aaron of2
Herron, Tyler s1 Marmol, Oliver if2
Hester, Josh s4 Marti, Amaury of1
Hooker, Deryk s4 Martinez, Jairo of4
King, Blake r2 Martinez, Jose if1
Kopp, David s2 Mitchell, Travis of3
Kulik, Ryan s2 Morales, Osvaldo 1b3
Leach, Tyler r4 Moscatel, Kevin c4
Linares, Kristhiam r1 Murphy, Blake c3
Lugo, Rigoberto r4 Noland, Rickey c4
Lynn, Lance s1 Parejo, Frederick of3
Maekawa, Katsuhiko r1 Peterson, Shane of2
Maertz, Santo r4 Pham, Tommy of2
Maiques, Kenny r2 Rapoport, Jim of1
Maj, Jameson s3 Riportella, Beau of3
Mateo, Jose r2 Rivera, Francisco 1b2
Mayes, La Curtis r4 Robinson, Shane of1
McCormick, Mark r rehab Rodriguez, Ryde of3
McGregor, Scott s3 Rosa, Christian c4
Mikrut, Jon r1 Rowlett, Casey if1
Mulligan, Casey r2 Scruggs, Xavier 1b3
Mura, Kyle s1 Sedbrook, Colt if2
Nieto, Arquimedes s3 Shorey, Mark of1
Norrick, Tyler r1 Smith, Curt 1b2
Ostlund, Ian r1 Solano, Donovan if1
Parise, Pete r2 Swauger, Chris of3
Parisi, Mike s rehab Swinson, Michael of4
Peralta, Senger r3 Vasquez, Niko if3
Pichardo, Joel r4 Vasquez, Paul c2
Pitts, Zachary r3 Vera, Nick if4
Rada, Jose s4 Wallace, Brett if1
Reifer, Adam r2 Yarbrough, Brandon c1
Richardson, Dan r4
Rogers, Joe s1
Rondon, Jorge r3
Rosales, Andres r3
Samuel, Francisco r1
Sanchez, Eduardo r2
Santos, Randy s4
Siegrist, Kevin s4
Spade, Matt r2
Stambaugh, J.D. r3
Tapia, Angel r3
Thomas, Kevin s4
Veres, Adam s3
Zawacki, Brett s3