Cardinals minor league opening rotations

For those interested in the starting rotations for the Cardinals’ four full-season minor league clubs, here you are:

Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Quad Cities
Thursday, 4/9 Boggs Mura Diapoules/Kulik Veres/Nieto
Friday, 4/10 Ottavino Fiske Broderick/Lynn McGregor/Tapia
Saturday, 4/11 Walters Dickson Kopp/Additon Fick/Rosales *
Sunday, 4/12 Hawksworth Furnish off off
Monday, 4/13 Mortensen Herron Garceau/Castillo Brown/Daley
Tuesday, 4/14 Cardenas/Thomas

Memphis: As I noted elsewhere, I was given word that Mitchell Boggs and Adam Ottavino were each moved up one day and original opening day starter P.J. Walters was slid to Saturday based on a request from St. Louis. Though Clayton Mortensen has not been formally announced as Monday’s starter, he is the fifth member of the rotation.

Springfield: Not much to say as the order following Kyle Mura (pictured) is set. The other four members of the rotation are right-handers Brandon Dickson and Tyler Herron and lefties Justin Fiske and Brad Furnish.

Palm Beach: The most recent working roster I had listed nine starters. Thomas Eager seems to be the odd man out at least initially, as the club goes with a four-pair, eight-man tandem rotation.

Quad Cities: Here we have ten starters, paired as noted above. Hector Cardenas has some biceps soreness, but is expected to be ready to go on in the final pairing on Tuesday.

Update 4/10: With the 50-game suspension for Deryk Hooker, Andres Rosales has been added to the tandem rotation in his place. Miguel Tapia moves up one day with Rosales scheduled to make his 2009 QC debut on Saturday.

The updated Roster Matrix of the entire minor league system has been posted, including those players placed on the disabled lists and in Extended Spring Training.