Cardinals television update

First confirmation of a televised 2009 game

Just got a peek at the ESPN/ESPN2 schedule for MLB games for the first two months of the season. Only one Cardinals game is among the 14 games listed. That is the Sunday, April 19 game at Wrigley that was originally planned to be a 1:20 pm start. It will be moved to 8 pm for ESPN.

The schedule

In case you don’t have your 2009 Cardinals one-page printable schedule for the regular season, you can download a copy here. Most game times are known, though some of the weekend games are subject to the whims of the television networks, which will include the new MLB Network for the first time in 2009.

Regular season TV schedule a couple weeks away

Note that none of the televised games are listed yet. We are still a couple weeks away from spring and regular season schedules, say our friends at FOX Sports Midwest. As soon as they release them, I will get them posted.

WWU coverage on FS Midwest

Speaking of FS Midwest… They are planning two post-Winter Warm-Up shows. For those who can’t attend the real thing, this will be the next best alternative. No dates and times yet, but I should have those details soon.

Spring schedule reminders

For those with satellite television, I will also be watching the Cardinals’ spring opponents’ plans as they announce which games they plan to televise. For those who didn’t see it the first time, here is the link to the Cardinals’ full spring schedule, including all the exhibition games and local times.

MLB Network gets early thumbs up

I was a bit skeptical coming in, but have been impressed with the MLB Network programming in their first week. I especially enjoy their nightly Hot Stove show, with Harold Reynolds proving to be a decent ringmaster. He even made Scott Boras squirm a bit when probing him about having been cut out of the A-Rod negotiations last winter.

One minor complaint is that I have noticed that they seem to endorse every move the clubs make. Too early to tell, but I imagine they will not be allowed to be critical of teams, ala Still, the historical shows are worth the price of admission. Here is the link to their daily programming schedule.

Historical DVDs of note

I’ve noticed several of the MLB Network shows this week feature content also available on DVD. The off-season is the perfect time to bring these out and watch them over again.

Here are a few in my collection that I recommend. (Note: This is not an endorsement of any business, but instead one example is offered where you can find these items.)

Ken Burns’ Baseball – I watch this documentary every off-season. $109 for ten discs at Shop PBS or you can also get the book, which is really nice, and an audio CD for $40 more.

Greatest Games of Busch Stadium: 1966-2005 – Six classic home games from 1968 through 2004. $31.95 at

2006 World Series Collector’s Edition – NLCS Games 5 and 7, all five World Series games and a bonus disc. $45.95 at Amazon.

1942, 1943 and 1946 World Series Highlights – Three disc set of the news reels assembled for overseas servicemen and women. One of my favorite sets. $26.99 at Amazon.

If you have others you like, please call them out in the comments.