Cardinals Rumored to be on Two July 2nd Signees

Old friend Kiley McDaniel, now with Fangraphs, has compiled a most difficult list of players to create – the top international prospects free to sign on July 2nd. The best part is that McDaniel has worked his contacts to come up with the best intelligence as to where these young men are most likely to sign and for how much.

The most prominent name linked to the St. Louis Cardinals for some weeks is Venezuelan right-handed pitcher Alvaro Seijas. The 16-year-old, number 17 on McDaniel’s rankings, is expected to sign for $725,000, a relative bargain compared to others of similar talent on the list.

The second name associated with the Cards is a shortstop, Raffy Ozuna. The 16-year-old Dominican comes in at number 36 on McDaniel’s list and may sign for $650,000.

If both are landed, the Cardinals would have spent just over two-thirds of their total 2015-16 International Bonus Pool of $2,038,200.

Here is a Fangraphs video of Seijas in action.

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