Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2010 short season

NOTE: This version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the 2010 season-ending organization and should be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix covering the 2010-11 off-season, click here.

With the final opening day among the St. Louis Cardinals’ ten clubs on Tuesday, June 22, as the Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League take the field, it is once again time for a refresh of the St. Louis Cardinals system roster matrix. This version will reflect all changes made through the end of the season. I plan to refresh the entire matrix at that time as we head into another off-season.

matrix-grid-crop-200If you are new to the site and aren’t sure what the Cardinals organization roster matrix is all about, here is quick summary:

At the time of this posting, the St. Louis Cardinals have 321 players under contract from top to bottom. The matrix places each one at his current assigned level in the system as well as by position. It is kept updated daily as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization.

Don’t be concerned about the order of the players’ names within a team. They don’t signify anything other than often a rough approximation of alphabetical order. Roster rotation order and tandem assignments are noted when applicable.

The players on the 40-man roster are called out in bold. The round each signed 2010-drafted player was selected is listed following his name.

Full team rosters and player profiles at The Cardinal Nation

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For details behind past 2009 rosters and 2010 transactions to date, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.

Link to previous matrices: Jan–March 2009, April 2009, May 2009, June 2009, July 2009-February 2010, Spring camp 2010, Opening season 2010, First half 2010


6/22: New matrix. Total 321.

6/24: RHP Trey Hearne off Mem DL to PB. RHP Pete Parise to Mem DL. RHP Eduardo Sanchez from Spr to Mem. LHP Tyler Norrick from PB to Spr. RHP Matt Frevert to PB DL. RHP Miguel Tapia off QC DL to PB. IF Luis Mateo off QC DL.

6/25: OF D’Marcus Ingram off QC DL. RHP Adam Ottavino from Mem to StL. RP Fernando Salas from StL to Mem. OF Mark Shorey off Mem DL. RHP David Kopp from Mem to Spr.

6/26: RHP David Kopp from Spr to Mem. LHR Rich Hill released from Mem. LHP Angelo Echeverria off VSL DL. New total 320.

6/28: OF D’Marcus Ingram from QC to PB. RHP Mike Blazek from PB to QC. RHP Mark Diapoules from Spr to PB. OF Rich Racobaldo onto PB DL. SS Kevin G0nzalez signed, assigned to VSL. New total 321.

6/29: 3B David Freese onto StL DL. RP Fernando Salas from Mem to StL. 2B Jason Stidham to QC DL. LHP Dean Kiekhefer from JC to QC. RHP Charllan Jimenez from GCL to JC. RHP Juan Bautista signed to DSL. New total 322.

6/30: OF Steven Ramos from JC to GCL. OF Oscar Taveras from GCL to JC. 2B Daniel Descalso to Mem DL.

7/1: OF Tyler Henley to Spr DL. IF/OF Andrew Brown off Spr DL. RHP Mark Diapoules to PB DL. RHP Cory Rauschenberger signed and sent to PB. New total 323.

7/2: RP Fernando Salas from StL to Mem. SS Tyler Greene from Mem to StL. IF Mike Folli from Spr to Mem. RP Josh Kinney outrighted off 40-man. LHP Renyel Pinto signed, assigned to Mem. New total 324.

7/3: OF Ryan Ludwick to StL DL. OF Jon Jay from Mem to StL. OF Aaron Luna from Spr to Mem. IF Jermaine Curtis and OF Tommy Pham from PB to Spr. C Luis De La Cruz from Bat to PB. 3B Nkio Vasquez from QC to PB. IF Alan Ahmady from Bat to QC. C Roberto Espinoza off QC DL to Bat. 2B Colin Walsh from JC to Bat. OF Corderius Dodd (17th round) signed, assigned to GCL. New total 325.

7/4: C Robert Stock onto QC DL. C Roberto Espinoza returned to QC from Bat.

7/6: RHP Dyllon Nuernberg (23rd round) signed; assigned to GCL. New total 326.

7/7: OF Michael Swinson onto QC DL. OF Ross Smith from Bat to QC. RHP Adam Ottavino to StL DL. LHP Evan MacLane from Mem to StL. RHP Mike MacDougal signed, added to Mem. New total 327.

7/8: RHP Trey Hearne from PB to Spr. LHP John Gast (6th round) signed and assigned to Bat. New total 328.

7/10: RHP Matt Frevert off PB DL.

7/11: RHP Andrew Moye (50th round) did not sign. New total 327.

7/14: C Robert Stock off QC DL. C Roberto Espinoza from QC to Bat.

7/15: OF Nick Stavinoha onto StL DL. OF ALlen Craig from Mem to StL. 1B Mark Hamilton off Mem DL. RP Andrew Brown onto Mem DL. OF Adron Chambers from Spr to Mem. OF Chris Swauger from PB to Spr.

7/16: OF Rich Racobaldo off PB DL. IF Manuel Marquez (DSL) released. New total 326.

7/18: LHP Evan MacLane from StL to Mem. RHP Fernando Salas from Mem to StL. LHP Daniel Bibona (8th round) signed, sent to QC. New total 327.

7/19: RHP David Kopp from Mem to Spr. LHP Ryan Kulik from Spr to Mem.

7/20: RHP Bryan Martinez from DSL to GCL. OFs Tyler Bighames (GSL) and Devin Shepherd (PB) released. New total 325.

7/21: IF Ryan Jackson, OF Ryde Rodriguez from QC to PB. IF Ted Obregon from PB to QC. IF Oliver Marmol released from PB. OF Rainel Rosario from Bat to QC. New total 324.

7/22: P Gary Daley released from Spr. P Arquimedes Nieto from PB to Spr. LHP Kevin Siegrist from Bat to JC. RHP Deryk Hooker from QC to PB. New total 323.

7/23: RHP P.J. Walters from Mem to StL. OF Allen Craig from StL to Mem. RHP Shaun Garceau (Spr) and OF Joey Hage (JC) released. New total 321.

7/24: RHP P.J. Walters from StL to Mem. OF Ryan Ludwick off StL DL OF Mark Shorey released (Mem). New total 320.

7/25: C Roberto Espinoza from Bat to QC. LHP Anthony Ferrara to Bat 60-day DL. LHP Tyler Lyons (9th) signed, assigned to Bat. New total 321.

7/26: RHP Casey Mulligan off Spr DL to PB. 1B Xavier Scruggs from PB to Spr. 1B Curt Smith to Spr DL. Mem OF Adron Chambers to Temp Inactive List. OF Amaury Cazana to Mem.

7/27: LHS Evan MacLane onto Mem DL. 2B Daniel Descalso off Mem DL.

7/28: RHR Mike MacDougal from Mem to StL (added to 40-man). RHR Fernando Salas from StL to Mem. OF Aaron Luna from Mem to Spr. OF Adron Chambers off Mem TI list.

7/29: IF Jermaine Curtis from Spr to PB. C Ivan Castro to QC DL.

7/30: RHP Seth Blair (rd 1s) signs and sent to Bat. New total 322.

7/31: RHP Jake Westbrook (StL) and LHP Nick Greenwood (QC) acquired. OF Ryan Ludwick (StL) traded. RHP Brad Penny moved to 60-day DL. RHP Miguel Tapia to PB DL. LHP Daniel Bibona active at QC. RHP Jason Novak onto QC DL. C Ivan Castro off QC DL. C Roberto Espinoza from QC to Bat.

8/1: SS Tyler Greene to StL DL. C Juan Castillo from JC to Bat.

8/2: LHS Nate Robertson signed, assigned to Mem. New total 324.

8/3: IF Mike Folli traded to Tampa Bay. OF Allen Craig Mem to StL. OF Nick Stavinoha StL to Mem. New total 323.

8/4: RP Jason Motte to StL DL. RP Fernando Salas from Mem to StL. IF Alan Ahmady to QC DL. IF Colin Walsh from Bat to QC. LHP Tyler Lyons to Bat 60-day DL. OF Chris Edmondson from JC to Bat. RHR Francisco Samuel from Spr to Mem. RHR Ramon Delgado from PB to Spr. Spr P Kyle Mura released. DSL P Jefferson Segundo off RL. New total 322.

8/5: RP Jesse Simpson from QC to PB. RP Jose Rada from Bat to QC. C Luis De La Cruz from PB to Bat.

8/8: C Tony Cruz to Spr DL. C Charles Cutler from PB to Spr. C Kevin Moscatel from GCL to PB. IF Wilfred Vivas off GCL DL.

8/10: JC RHR Chris Patterson retired. New total 321.

8/11: RHS Jeff Suppan onto StL DL. C Steven Hill onto 40-man, to StL from Spr. C Luis De La Cruz from Bat to PB. C Nick Derba from PB to Spr. Bat Cs Audry Perez and Geoff Klein to the DL. LHP Justin Wright (47th) signs, assigned to Bat. New total 322.

8/13: C Jason LaRue to StL DL. OF Nick Stavinoha from Mem to StL. LHP Dean Kiekhefer to QC DL. RHP Tyrell Jenkins (1s) signs, assigned to JC. New total 323.

8/15: RHP Kyle Lohse off 60-day DL, activated by StL. RHR Fernando Salas from StL to Mem. 3B David Freese from 15- to 60-day DL. RHR LaCurtis Mayes from Bat to QC.

8/16: OF Tommy Pham onto Spr DL. 3B Zack Cox (1st round) signed, assigned to GCL. RHP Jordan Swagerty (2nd round) signed, assigned to Bat. New total 325.

8/17: LHS Evan MacLane off Mem DL. C Steven Hill StL to Mem. C Bryan Anderson Mem to StL. SS Tyler Greene off StL DL to Mem. RHP Adam Ottavino from StL 15-day DL to 60-day DL. Mem 1B Mark Hamilton to TI list. Mem RP Matt Scherer to PB (rehab?). IF Jermaine Curtis from PB to Spr.

8/18: OF C.J. Beatty from QC to PB. OF Ross Smith to QC DL. OF Michael Swinson, IF Alan Ahmady off QC DL. RHP Chris Notti suspended. RHP Chris Corrigan from Bat to QC.

8/19: 3B Pedro Feliz from Houston in return for PB RHR David Carpenter. C Jason LaRue from 15 to 60-day DL. RHR Andrew Brown released from Mem. OF Adron Chambers onto Mem DL. 1B Mark Hamilton off Mem TI. Cs Geoff Klein and Audry Perez off Bat DL. New total 324.

8/20: OF Nick Stavinoha from StL to Mem.

8/21: Mem LHR Renyel Pinto released. New total 323.

8/22: Spr IF Jose Martinez begins rehab at GCL. C Roberto Espinoza from Bat to PB.

8/23: LHR Nate Robertson released. RHR Matt Scherer returned to Mem from PB rehab. New total 322.

8/24: LHR Dennys Reyes to StL DL. RHR Fernando Salas from Mem to StL. RHS Arquimedes Nieto from Spr to PB.

8/25: RHP Scott Gorgen off Spr DL. LHR Tyler Norrick from Spr to Mem.

8/26: OF Adron Chambers off Mem DL. IF Donovan Solano onto Mem DL. C Kevin Moscatel from PB to GCL. LHP George Brown off PB DL. OF Anthony Garcia, 2B Starlin Rodriguez and 3B Roberto De La Cruz from GCL to JC. LHP Anthony Ferrara off Bat DL.

8/27: OF Ross Smith off QC DL to Bat.

8/30: RHR Jason Motte off StL DL. OF Allen Craig from StL to Mem. C Tony Cruz off Spr DL. C Nick Derba onto Spr temp inactive list. OF Steven Ramos from GCL to JC. DSL LHP Delvi Rodriguez and RHP Jean Carlos De La Cruz suspended 50 games for failed drug tests.

8/31: RHP Javier Avendano from GCL to Bat.

9/1: LHR Dennys Reyes, RHS Jeff Suppan off StL DL. OF Nick Stavinoha, C Matt Pagnozzi Mem to StL. C Tony Cruz Spr to Mem. C Nick Derba off Spr TI. OF Ross Smith from Bat to QC. 1B Matt Adams onto QC DL.

9/3: C Charles Cutler to Spr DL. C Luis De La Cruz from PB to Spr. C Geoff Klein from Bat to PB.

9/4: IF Kevin Howard onto Memphis suspended list. IF Donovan Solano off Mem DL.

9/5: RHR LaCurtis Mayes onto QC DL. C Cody Stanley from JC to QC.

9/6: C Geoff Klein from PB to Bat. RHR Adam Reifer from Spr to Mem. OF Adam Melker onto Bat DL (sometime between August 25-31).

9/7: IF Tyler Greene from Mem to StL. Mem IF Kevin Howard released. New total 321.

9/8: RHPs Kevin Thomas and Matt Frevert from PB to Spr. LHP Ryan Kulik onto Spr DL.

9/18: RHP P.J. Walters, 1B Mark Hamilton, OF Allen Craig, OF Joe Mather from Mem to StL. 2B Daniel Descalso from Mem to StL and added to 40-man roster. LHP Evan MacLane designated for assignment (off 40-man roster).

9/21: IF Felipe Lopez released. New total 320.

9/24: C Steven Hill from Mem to StL.

9/28: Name change – DSL P Carlos Matias to Carlos Martinez.

9/29: RHP Adam Ottavino off 60-day DL.

9/30: VSL SS Lainer Bueno suspended for first 30 games of 2011 for PED use.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (as of 09/30/10)

St. Louis (36+3) 40-man (40+3)
C Carpenter Franklin Molina Pujols Schumaker Ryan Freese (60 DL) Holliday
Lohse McClellan Anderson Hamilton Descalso T Greene Feliz Stavinoha
Westbrook Boggs S Hill

Wainwright Motte LaRue (60 DL)

Ja Garcia (L) Ottavino Pagnozzi

Walters T Miller (L)

Suppan Salas

Penny (60 DL) Hawksworth


Reyes (L)

Memphis (18+2)
Lynn 4 Fick T Cruz Gotay Solano Chambers
Kinney Rapoport
Dickson 3 Samuel Cazana
MacLane (L) Parise (DL) Robinson (DL)
O Perez 5 Rundles (L)
Norrick (L)
Springfield (24+7)
Additon (L) 2 Delgado Derba C Smith (DL) Jo Martinez1(DL GCL) Kozma Curtis Ant. DeJesus
Kopp 3 Eager L DeLaCruz A Brown1 Jo Garcia M Carpenter Swauger
Thomas King Cutler (DL) Scruggs Jones
Kulik (L DL) S Freeman (L DL) Pham (DL)
Frevert Henley (DL)
Hearne Luna
Broderick 4 Gorgen
McGregor 1 Buursma
Palm Beach (22+5)
Schneider 4 Mulligan Espinoza Rivera (DL) R Jackson Bolivar N Vasquez A Castellanos
G Brown (L) Bradford P Vasquez (RL) Sedbrook Beatty
Diapoules (DL) R Rodriguez
Simpson Bogany
Ri Castillo 1 Ingram
Zawacki 2 Pichardo Racobaldo
Bittle (DL)
Hooker 5 M Tapia (DL)
Nieto Rauschenberger
Quad Cities (27+6)
Rondon 2 Novak (DL) Stock Adams (DL) L Mateo Ahmady Lara
Fornataro 1 Calhoun (L) Castro Goodwin R Smith
J Smith Stanley (4th) Stidham (DL) Swinson
Kelly 4 Mayes Obregon R Rosario
S Miller 5 Rada Walsh (13th)
Cardenas (L DL) Terry Parejo
Bibona (L 8th) 3 Blazek Conley (DL)
Kiekhefer (L DL 36)
Greenwood (L)
Batavia (29+3)
Ju Edwards (L) 1 Butler Klein (15th) J Rodriguez Bergman (33rd) Y Castillo Biserta (24th)
Moss 5 North J Castillo V Sanchez (26th) Valaika (34th) Jo Edwards
Gast (L 6th) 3 Swagerty (2nd) A Perez Edmondson (43rd)
Wright (L 47th) Longmire (5th)
Lawler Melker (44th DL)
A Ferrara (L) Squatrito (DL) O’Neill (31st)
McCully 4 Summers
Russell 2 Kington
Blair (1s) Lyons (L 9th 60DL))
Reid (41st)
Johnson City (33+1)
Copeland (L 32) T1 Benes (35th) Tartamella D Medina S Rodriguez Elkins (37th) Cerreto (40th) A Garcia
H Hernamdez (L) T1 Corpas G Garcia (7th) Teran S Ramos (22nd)
Ang. De Jesus T2 Guzman R Ruiz R DeLaCruz V Hill
Daugherty (L) T2 A Lucas (27th) C Valera Taveras
C Johnson 3 Nazario (L 30th) Rbto Reyes
Jimenez T4 Jenkins (1s) Williams (10th)
Rosenthal Revesz (L 49th)
Nadeau (L 38) T5 Patterson (RL 29th)
Whiting (18th) T5
Siegrist (L) T4
Unassigned (1)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
M Harris (MIL)
GCL (31)
P 2010 P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
B Freeman (L 11) Alcala Pimentel W Perez Tuivailala (3rd) Bryant (16th)
A Castillo Aguilar (14th) Moscatel Washington Vargas Martin (20th) H Garcia Fonseca
J Lucas (21st) Montero Vivas Cox (1st) Rivero
B Martinez Mendoza (25th) Babrick
Pasen M DeLaCruz (L)
Santana Brand (42nd) Dodd (17th)
R Martinez (FA)
Uribe (L) Nuernberg (23rd)
Colorado (L)
DSL (32+6)
A Tapia 2 A DeLaCruz (L) Baez V Ferreira Rblys Reyes Gil (RL) B Hiraldo (RL) Beras
A Gonzalez L Perez J Lopez R Medina Capellan
C Martinez 1 A Toribio Barbuena Celestino
S Lopez 3 Ceballo Agustin Encarnacion
Paulino 5 L Polanco J Pena
D Rodriguez (L RL) Ro Castillo
DeLeon D Diaz
E Hiraldo
JC DeLaCruz (RL)
L Mata
P Pena (L RL)
Rudecindo (RL)
VSL (32+2)
S Garcia 5 Almeida Rivas B Valera Bueno H Martina Acevedo
Bier 1 Canache J Gomez R Garcia Argenal
Montanez 2 Cueto Velazco K Gonzalez Jo Martinez2
Villanueva (L) 4 De Aguas (L DL) Sucre
Ulacio 3 E Ramos Martines
Echeverria (L)
Oraa (DL) I Brito
J Perez
Jh Polanco

(DL): injured – on the disabled list
(TI): temporary inactive list
(SL): suspended list
(RL): restricted list
(TO): tryout player not under contract
(L) left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#) number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+SL+RL+TO) players

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