Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2014 regular season

NOTE: As of 6/10/14, this version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the changes from the start of the 2014 minor league season until the short-season clubs got underway. This should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix covering the draft and the 2014 short season, click here.

With minor leaguers opening their regular season, it is time for another refresh of the St. Louis Cardinals system roster matrix. This version will reflect the changes made from the opening of the regular season until short-season play begins in mid-June. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved during 2014 spring training.

If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

As the 2014 minor league season opened, the St. Louis Cardinals had 264 players under contract from top to bottom, including 39 players on the 40-man roster. The latter are called out in bold. The matrix places all 264 at his assigned level in the system as well as by position.

This version includes all four full-season minor league rosters. Players at State College and below remain on their 2013 season-ending clubs. The matrix is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization, including all transactions.

Don’t be concerned about the order of the players’ names within a team. It has no relative significance.

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For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.

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4/3: New matrix. Organization total: 264 players.

4/3: C Dante Rosenberg from SC to Mem DL.

4/4: RHP Steven De La Cruz signed, assigned to JC (2/14). New organization total: 265 players.

4/14: C Casey Rasmus onto PB DL. C Adam Ehrlich off PB DL.

4/15: 2B Mark Ellis off StL DL. SS Pete Kozma from StL to Mem. IF Luis Mateo from Mem to Spr.

4/17: StL SP Joe Kelly to 15-day DL. RHR Keith Butler from StL to Mem. RHRs Jorge Rondon, Eric Fornataro from Mem to StL. IF Matt Williams from Spr to PB. PB OF Steven Ramos, Mem IF Vance Albitz, Spr OF Adam Melker, JC RHR Norge Paredes released. New organization total: 261 players.

4/20: RHS Zach Petrick from Spr to Mem. LHS Kyle Hald from PB to Spr.

4/21: LHS Tyler Lyons from Mem to StL. RHR Jorge Rondon from StL to Mem. RHR Mitch Harris from SC to PB.

4/22: C Casey Rasmus off PB DL. C Adam Ehrlich from PB to SC.

4/28: Mem IF Greg Garcia, OF Randal Grichuk to StL. StL 2B Kolten Wong, OF Shane Robinson to Mem. RHR Joe Scanio to Peo DL. RHR Jhonny Polanco from SC to Peo.

4/29: Spr SS Aledmys Diaz to DL. PB SS Matt Williams to Spr. SS Bruce Caldwell from EST to PB.

5/1: OF Chris Swauger released. New organization total: 260 players.

5/3: PB RHS Cory Jones to DL. RHP Will Anderson to PB from EST.

5/4: RHS Nick Petree from Peo to PB. LHS Rob Kaminsky from EST to Peo. Spr 1B Jonathan Rodriguez to DL. Spr C Jonathan Keener off DL. RHP Dailyn Martinez from JC to PB. RHP Will Anderson from PB to SC.

5/5: LHR Lee Stoppelman from Mem to Spr. 2B Luis Mateo from Spr to Mem. 2B Jacob Wilson from PB to Spr. RHR Dixon Llorens to PB DL. IF Ronnierd Garcia from JC to PB. GCL LHR Stalyn Lopez released. New organization total: 259 players.

5/6: LHR Danny Miranda from Spr to PB. RHR Dailyn Martinez from PB to JC.

5/7: Three DSL players released: RHPs Virgilio Encarnacion, Luis De La Rosa, 3B Javier Baez. Two DSL players to DL: RHP Estarlin Arias, C Sergio Ripoll. Eight DSL signees: RHPs Miguel Caigua, Angel Estevez, Junior Gonzalez; LHPs Jesus Narvaez, Enrique Perez; Cs Dylan Melendez, Irving Wilson; SS Wayde Infante. New organization total: 264 players.

5/9: OF Joey Butler to 40-man, from Mem to StL. OF Randal Grichuk from StL to Mem.

5/12: RHR Kyle Barraclough from Peo to PB. RHR Robert Stock from PB to SC. LHR Steve Sabatino from EST to Peo.

5/13: LHS Tyler Lyons to StL DL. RHR Eric Fornataro from StL to Mem. LHR Sam Freeman and RHR Jorge Rondon from Mem to StL. RHR Ronnie Shaban to Spr DL.

5/14: 2B Kolten Wong from Mem to StL. IF Greg Garcia from StL to Mem. RHR Keith Butler to Mem DL.

5/15: LHS Marco Gonzales, RHR Corey Baker from Palm Beach to Springfield. RHS Silfredo Garcia, RHR Chris Thomas from Peo to PB. RHRs Brandon Lee, Michael Holback from JC to Peo. LHR Dean Kiekhefer from Spr to Mem.

5/16: 1B Jonathan Rodriguez off Spr DL. LHR Justin Wright from Spr to Mem. RHS Boone Whiting to Mem DL.

5/17: IF Cesar Valera to Peo DL. IF Richy Pedroza from JC to Peo. OF Anthony Garcia to PB DL. RHR Mitch Harris from PB to Spr. 3B Ronnierd Garcia from PB to SC. OF Luis Perez, RHR Josh Lucas from SC to PB. RHS Luis Perdomo from JC to PB.

5/18: LHS Jaime Garcia off StL DL. RHR Jorge Rondon from StL to Mem. RHR Jose Almarante to Mem DL. Spr C Jonathan Keener released. RHR Jhonny Polanco from Peo to SC. RHR Jeff Rauh from SC to Peo. New organization total: 263 players.

5/19: Peo OF Matthew Young released. OF Vaughn Bryan from SC to Peo. LHR Sam Freeman from StL to Mem. New organization total: 262 players.

5/20: RHR Jason Motte off StL DL. 1B Luke Voit from SC to PB. RHP Luis Perdomo from PB to SC. 1B Jake Stone from Peo to SC. 1B Justin Ringo from JC to Peo.

5/21: OF Shane Robinson from Mem to StL. OF Joey Butler from StL to Mem. RHS Kurt Heyer from Spr to Mem. RHR Jhonny Polanco from SC to Peo. RHR Jeff Rauh from Peo to SC. OF Ronald Castillo to Peo DL. C Gerwuins Velazco off Peo DL.

5/23: Contract of Mem OF Joey Butler sold to Orix in Japan. New organization total: 261 players.

5/24: LHR Kevin Siegrist to StL DL. LHR Sam Freeman from Mem to StL. C Casey Rasmus to PB TI list. C Jose Godoy from GCL to PB.

5/25: OF James Ramsey to Spr DL. LHR Pedro Feliciano signed to minor league contract. Assigned to Mem. New organization total: 262 players.

5/27: RHR Jose Almarante off Mem DL. LHR Justin Wright from Mem to Spr. C Casey Rasmus off PB TI list. C Jose Godoy from PB to SC.

5/29: C Gerwuins Velazco, RHS Michael Holback to Peo DL.

5/30: OF Randal Grichuk from Mem to StL. OF Shane Robinson from StL to Mem. OF Ronald Castillo off Peo DL. RHR Robert Stock from SC to Peo.

5/31: 1B Matt Adams to StL DL. OF Oscar Taveras from Mem to StL. LHP Frendy Gavin to DSL 60-day DL. OF Mike O’Neill from Spr to Mem. OF Nick Martini from PB to Spr. OF Jhohan Acevedo from JC to PB. 1B Justin Ringo to Peo DL.

6/1: DSL RHP Jeikel Feliz added, to RL. Six DSL releases: RHPs Miguel Caigua, Ronald Sanchez; 2B Ruben Encarnacion, Yunior Sanchez; SS Diory Paulino, OF Ramon Luna. New organization total: 257 players.

6/2: LHS John Gast from Mem DL to PB. RHR Josh Lucas from PB to SC. GCL RHP Hector Salazar released. New organization total: 256 players.

6/3: OF Starlin Rodriguez from PB to Spr. OF Rafael Ortega to Spr DL. OF Chris Swauger re-signed, assigned to Spr. New organization total: 257 players.

6/4: OF Jimmy Bosco from Peo to PB. IF Ronnierd Garcia from SC to Peo. 2B Robelys Reyes from JC to Peo.

6/5: LHS John Gast from PB to Mem. RHR Dixon Llorens off PB DL. RHR Ronnie Shaban off Spr DL. Spr LHR Anthony Ferrara released. New organization total 256 players.

6/6: RHS Kurt Heyer from Mem to Spr. RHR Jose Almarante to Mem DL. C Dante Rosenberg off Mem DL.

6/7: RHR Corey Baker from Spr to PB. PB RHR Aidan Lucas, DSL EST RHR Fernando Gonzalez released. New organization total: 254 players.

6/9: OF Ronald Castillo to PB DL. C Gerwuins Velazco off Peo DL.

6/10: OF James Ramsey off Spr DL. OF Nick Martini from Spr to PB. OF Jhohan Acevedo from PB to SC. PB C Casey Rasmus retired. C Jose Godoy from SC to PB. New organization total: 253 players.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 6/10/14)

St. Louis (25+4) 40-man (39)
Wainwright Siegrist (L DL) Molina Adams (DL)
Peralta Carpenter Holliday
J Kelly (DL)
Rosenthal T Cruz
Lynn C Martinez


S Miller Motte

Wacha Maness

Ja Garcia (L) Choate (L)

Lyons (L DL)

Freeman (L)

Memphis (25+3)
Cooney (L) Wyatt A Perez Scruggs G Garcia
Kozma Moore Robinson
McGregor K Butler (DL)
Easley Lu Mateo Curtis Pham
Whiting (DL) Fornataro Rosenberg Piscotty
Aardsma O’Neill
Gast (L) Almarante (DL)
Petrick Greenwood (L)
Kiekhefer (L)
Feliciano (L)

Springfield (25+3)
Gonzales (L) Wright (L) Tartamella Jon Rodriguez Miclat A Diaz (DL)
Wisdom Ortega (DL)
Gaviglio Billbrough Stanley Smith J Wilson M Williams Swauger
Blair Donofrio Ramsey
Cornelius (L) Stoppelman (L) Popkins
Hald (L) Harris S Rodriguez
Heyer Shaban (DL)
Sherriff (L)
Swagerty (DL)
Palm Beach (25+6)
Helisek (L) Nazario (L) Montero Washington B Valera Mejia Stienstra (DL) Tilson
Cuda Baker Godoy Voit Vargas An Garcia (DL)
Petree Miranda (L) Caldwell L Perez
C Jones (DL) Barraclough Martini
Mayers C Thomas Bosco
Melling (L DL) Llorens
Jenkins (DL) Tuivailala
S Garcia
T Lee
EST J Castillo
Peoria (25+5)
Ar Reyes Polanco C Kelly Ringo (DL) Katz Herrera Schulze McElroy
Al Reyes Scanio (DL) Bean R Reyes C Valera (DL) R Garcia Ro Castillo (DL)
McKnight Sabatino (L) Velazco Pedroza Bryan
Kaminsky (L) Perry Peoples-Walls
Reed (L) Loraine
Holback (DL) Brookshire (L)
B Lee
State College (17+2)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Booden Webb A DeLeon Stone Wiley (SL) Acevedo
Aldrete Carlow Neil Ustariz
Bautista Barkley Ehrlich
V DeLeon Pierce (SL)
Rauh Anderson
Perdomo J Lucas
Johnson City (12)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
F Baez S De La Cruz F Rodriguez Altobelli Lacy
I Brito (L) Grana Vigo
Gerdel Lomascolo (L) Wick
D Martinez
GCL (28)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Villegas Escudero L Cruz Collymore Pina R Medina Ray
McKinney (L) Silva (L) J Gomez C Rivera E Alvarez Torres
Higgins D Perez (L) E Rodriguez Mercado Bautista
Farinaro J Perez Asbury
F Flores Caballero
Hawkins (L) Gallardo
Foody (L)
R Santos Y Medina J Lopez E Sosa Franco
J Mateo Sierra
Jor Rodriguez
DSL (34+5)
Alcantara A DeLaCruz (L) Ripoll (60DL) D Gomez (60DL) L Flores Ynfante J De La Cruz C Rodriguez
Changarotty Bennett D Pena Coles C Luis
D Gonzalez Gavin (L 60DL) I Wilson Cordoba Alvarado
J Gonzalez J Alvarez Ortega Linares Bandes
Estevez J Lara Melendez J Rivera
Urena (L) Talavera
Oca (L) A Luna
J Feliz (RL)
O Diaz
Arias (60DL)
Narvaez (L)
E Perez (L)


(DL): injured – on the disabled list
(I): injured
(TI): temporary inactive list
(SL): suspended list
(RL): restricted list
(L) left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+SL+RL) players
EST: extended spring training

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