Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2012 full-season

NOTE: This version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the 2012 changes from the end of spring training until the start of short-season ball. It should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix starting with 2012 short-season play, click here.

With the full-season 2012 clubs preparing for regular-season action, it is time for another refresh of the St. Louis Cardinals system roster matrix. This version reflects the changes made from the conclusion of 2012 spring training through the beginning of the regular season and extended spring training until the draft and the start of short-season action in June. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved from when spring training invitations were issued through the end of camp.

If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

At the time of this posting, the St. Louis Cardinals had 253 players under contract from top to bottom, including 39 players on the 40-man roster. The matrix places each one at his assigned level in the system by position and is updated daily or whenever transactions occur.

There is a group of 16 players listed under Injured/Rehab. They are not active on any of the rosters at this time.

Extended spring training camp invitees are shown in separate groups. The first is those initially invited to major league camp as NRIs and the early minor league camp invitees. The second group is the holdovers from regular minor league spring training while the third group is those who arrived for EST at the start of April.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization.

Don’t be concerned about the order of the players’ names within a team. It doesn’t signify anything.

The players on the 40-man roster are designated in bold.

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For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.

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04/02: New matrix. Organization total: 253 players.

04/02: C Kleininger Teran onto Spr DL.

04/03: RHR Adam Ottavino lost via outright waivers to Colorado. New organization total: 252 players.

04/04: C Adam Lewis placed on QC DL. RHP Deryk Hooker to Spr DL. LHR Nick Greenwood from Spr to Mem. RPs Justin Wright and Jesse Simpson from PB to Spr. OF Cedric Hunter acquired from Oakland, assigned to Mem. New org total: 253 players.

04/05: RHR Ricky Martinez from EST to PB. C Travis Tartamella onto PB DL. C Roberto Espinoza onto Mem DL.

04/06: RHR Scott Linebrink onto StL DL. RHR Victor Marte onto 40-man, moves from Mem to StL.

04/09: C Casey Rasmus from EST to PB. C Luis De La Cruz from PB to Mem. C Steven Hill onto Mem DL.

04/12: RHS Seth Blair onto PB DL. RHR Logan Billbrough from QC to PB. RHR Kevin Jacob from EST to QC. IF Roberto De La Cruz to QC DL. IF Jeremy Patton from EST to QC.

04/13: C Luis De La Cruz from Mem to PB. C Casey Rasmus from PB to EST. C Mitch Canham signed, assigned to Mem. New organization total: 254 players.

04/15: OF Michael Swinson onto PB DL. OF Kyle Conley from Spr DL to PB.

04/20: 1B Lance Berkman onto StL 15-day DL. IF/OF Skip Schumaker off 15-day DL. IF Tyler Rahmatulla onto QC DL. C Adam Lewis off QC DL.

04/21: OF Tommy Pham onto Spr DL. OF Kyle Conley from PB to Spr. OF Michael Swinson off PB DL.

04/26: 2B Starlin Rodriguez onto PB DL. C Travis Tartamella off PB DL. OF Roberto Reyes, C Adam Lewis onto QC DL. OF Virgil Hill from EST to QC. IF Roberto De La Cruz off QC DL.

04/28: IF Packy Elkins to PB DL. IF Neal Pritchard from EST to PB.

05/01: IF Tyler Rahmatulla off QC DL. IF Jeremy Patton from QC to EST. OF/IF Allen Craig off StL DL. OF Erik Komatsu DFAed. New organization total: 253 players.

05/03: C Steven Hill off Mem DL. OF Chris Swauger from Mem to Spr. OF Rainel Rosario from Spr to PB.

05/04: OF Erik Komatsu claimed off waivers by Twins. OF Michael Swinson onto PB DL. RHP Todd McInnis to QC DL. C Adam Lewis off QC DL. OF Mark Hamilton off Mem DL. IF Jermaine Curtis from Mem to Spr. IF Niko Vasquez from Spr to PB. C Audry Perez to Spr TI list. C Kleininger Teran off Spr DL.

05/05: IF Neal Pritchard from PB to EST. C Casey Rasmus from EST to QC. C Jesus Montero from QC to EST.

05/06: C Travis Tartamella, RHR Ricky Martinez onto PB DL. 2B Starlin Rodriguez and LHS Kevin Siegrist off PB DL.

05/07: IF Tyler Rahmatulla to QC DL. OF Roberto Reyes off QC DL. C Audry Perez off Spr TI list. C Kleininger Teran, RHR Jesse Simpson to Spr DL. IF Neal Pritchard from EST to Spr.

05/08: LHS Jonathan Cornelius from EST to QC. C Adam Lewis to QC DL. Ps Fermin Montanez, Jeff Nadeau released. New organization total: 251 players.

05/13: 1B Lance Berkman off StL DL. OF Shane Robinson from StL to Mem.

05/14: LHR J.C. Romero released by StL. RHR Eduardo Sanchez from Mem to StL. Mem OF Amaury Cazana released. LHR Sam Freeman from Spr to Mem. RHR Jesse Simpson off Spr DL. IF Neal Pritchard from Spr to EST. RHS Richard Castillo from PB to Spr. RHS Todd McInnis from QC DL to PB. IF Tyler Rahmatulla off QC DL. OF Virgil Hill onto QC DL. New organization total: 249 players.

05/15: OF Jon Jay onto StL DL. OF Shane Robinson from Mem to StL.

05/17: LHR Clay Zavada, UT Jamie Romak signed to Mem. Mem LHR R.J. Swindle released. PB 3B Niko Vasquez released. C Travis Tartamella off PB DL. OF Anthony Garcia onto QC DL. OF Virgil Hill onto QC DL.

05/18: OF Allen Craig, RHR Kyle McClellan onto StL DL. OF Adron Chambers, RHP Brandon Dickson from Mem to StL. LHS John Gast from Spr to Mem. RHP Deryk Hooker off Spr DL.

05/19: IF Neal Pritchard, LHP Bob Revesz, RHP Travis Miller from EST to QC. IF Garrett Wittels, RHPs Brandon Creath, Kevin Jacob from QC to EST. RHS Carlos Martinez, UT Alan Ahmady to PB DL. LHP Ryan Sherriff and 3B Jeremy Patton from EST to PB.

05/20: StL 1B Lance Berkman to DL. 1B Matt Adams onto 40-man roster, from Mem to StL.

05/21: OF Lou Montanez signed, assigned to Mem. RHPs Seth Maness, Chris Corrigan from PB to Spr. RHP Scott Schneider from Spr to PB. RHP Jorge Rondon to Spr DL. OF Michael Swinson off PB DL.  New organization total: 250 players.

05/22: 1B Aaron Bates signed, assigned to Mem. New organization total: 251 players.

05/23: UT Matt Carpenter onto StL DL. C Steven Hill added to 40-man, from Mem to StL.

05/24: RHP Michael Santana released. New organization total: 250 players.

05/26: RHR Fernando Salas from StL to Mem. RHR Chuckie Fick from Mem to StL. C Nick Derba from Spr to Mem. C Travis Tartamella from PB to Spr. LHS Kevin Siegrist to PB DL. OF Anthony Garcia off QC DL. OF Roberto Reyes from QC to EST.

05/27: LHP Nick Gillung from EST to PB.

05/29: RHS Carlos Martinez from PB DL to Spr DL. C Cody Stanley off QC restricted list, active at PB.

05/30: RHP Brad Watson from EST to PB. OF Michael Swinson to PB DL. 10 signed to DSL: RHPs Juan Fresa, Jose Lara, Frederis Parra, Jorge Rodriguez, Ramon Santos, Estaban Vallejo, LHP Isaac Silva, C Sergio Ripoll, OFs Jeffry Cerdas, Domingo Sanchez. OF Ramon Feliz on DSL RL. P Ariel Gonzalez (DSL RL) removed. New organization total: 260 players.

05/31: RHPs Brandon Dickson, Chuckie Fick from StL to Mem. RHP Maikel Cleto from Mem to StL.

06/01: LHR Sam Freeman from Mem to StL. 2B/OF Skip Schumaker to StL DL. OF/IF Allen Craig off StL DL. IF Ildemaro Vargas from EST to PB. RHR Zack Russell to PB DL.

06/02: UT Jose Garcia to Spr DL. IF Garrett Wittels from EST to Spr.

06/04: IF Garrett Wittels from Spr to Mem. 2B Breyvic Valera from EST to Spr. 3B Zack Cox onto Mem DL. RHS Tyrell Jenkins to QC DL. RHR Ricky Martinez from PB DL to QC.

06/07: StL LHS Jaime Garcia to DL. RHR Fernando Salas from Mem to StL.

06/08: StL released RHR Scott Linebrink. Signed 1S drafted 3B Patrick Wisdom. Organization total: 260 players.

06/09: StL signs 26 draftees: 3B Patrick Wisdom (1S), C Steve Bean (1S), LHP Tim Cooney (3), RHP Kyle Barraclough (7), OF Yoenny Gonzalez (8), C Rowan Wick (9), 2B Jacob Wilson (10), SS Brent Wiley (13), SS Anthony Melchionda (14), SS Bruce Caldwell (15), RHP Joe Scanio (16), RHP Chris Perry )17), 1B Jeremy Shaffer (18), RHP Steve Gallardo (19), OF Matthew Young (20), 1B Jacoby Almaraz (21), LHP Lee Stoppelman (24), RHP Dixon Llorens (25), LHP Steve Sabatino (26), RHP Joey Cuda (27), OF Dodson McPherson (28), LHP Kyle Helisek (30), RHP Joey Donofrio (31), RHP Ronnie Shaban (33), LHP Mark Trentacosta (34), LHP Ben O’Shea (35), RHP Mike Aldrete (39). LHR John Gaub claimed off waivers – onto 40-man, optioned to Mem. New total: 287 players.

06/10: RHR Chase Reid onto PB DL (retro 6/6). RHS Chris Carpenter from 15- to 60-day DL. RHS Joe Kelly to 40-man, from Mem to StL. C Steven Hill from StL to Mem.

06/11: LHS Tyler Lyons from Spr to Mem. RHR Jorge Rondon off Spr DL. C Steven Hill to Mem TI. NDFA 1B Jordan Walton signed. New organization total: 288 players.

06/12: 3B Zack Cox off Memphis DL. Mem C Mitch Canham released. SS Vance Albitz off PB DL to Spr. RHR Chris Corrigan from Spr to PB. C Cody Stanley, RHR Logan Billbrough to PB DL. RHP Daniel Bibona from PB DL to EST. C Adam Ehrlich from EST to PB. RHP Cory Jones (5) signed. Organization total remains: 288 players.

06/13:  RHP Scott McGregor off Spr DL to PB. C Cody Stanley to QC DL. C Adam Lewis off QC DL. IF Jose Garcia off Spr DL. IF Breyvic Valera from Spr to EST. LHP Javier Machuca (38) signed. New organization total: 289 players.

06/14: RHP Michael Wacha (1), 3B Carson Kelly (2) agreed to terms. New organization total: 291 players.

06/15: Spr RHS Carlos Martinez off DL. RHR Jesse Simpson to Spr DL. C Adam Ehrlich from PB to GCL. IF Ildemaro Vargas from PB to JC.

06/16: 3B Stephen Piscotty (1S) signed. C Steven Hill off Mem TI list. IF Garrett Wittels from Mem to Bat. IF Tyler Rahmatulla from QC to PB. C Kleininger Teran from Spr DL to GCL hitting coach. Organization total remains: 291 players.

06/17: Six free agent Ps signed. Jacob Booden, Thomas Lee, Zach Petrick, Jeff Rauh, Josh Renfro, Chris Thomas. New organization total: 297 players.

06/20: RHR Maikel Cleto from StL to Mem. IF/OF Skip Schumaker off StL DL. LHR Clay Zavada released. New organization total: 296 players.

06/21: RHP Shooter Hunt retired. RHPs Jose Rada, Angel Tapia released. LHP Mark Trentacosta (34), OF Dodson McPherson (28) not signed. New organization total: 291 players.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 06/20/12)

25-man (25+6) 40-man (40+1)
C Carpenter (60DL) Boggs Molina Berkman (DL)
Furcal Freese Holliday
Lohse McClellan (DL)
T Cruz Adams
Descalso T Greene M Carpenter (DL)
Jay (DL)
Westbrook S Freeman (L)

Wainwright Motte

Ja Garcia (L DL) Rzepczynski (L)

Lynn E Sanchez

J Kelly


Memphis (25+2)
Additon (L)
Browning (L) Anderson Bates Kozma R Jackson Cox
Broderick Todd S Hill
Velez Romak
Dickson Fick Espinoza (DL) Luna (DL)
S Miller Cleto Derba Hunter
Gast (L) Reifer Montanez
Lyons (L)
Greenwood (L)
Gaub (L)
Springfield (25+4)
Gorgen Butler A Perez Scruggs Wong Jo Garcia Curtis Pham (DL)
Maness Wright (L) Tartamella G Garcia Taveras
Rosenthal Hooker Albitz Swauger
Ri Castillo Delgado (DL) Shaffer
C Martinez Blazek Melker
Fornataro Conley
Swagerty (60DL) K Thomas
Simpson (DL)
Palm Beach (23+11)
Sherriff (L) Schneider L DeLaCruz Jon Rodriguez S Rodriguez Elkins (DL) Ahmady (DL) Edmondson
Gillung (L) Reid (DL) Klein Gil Patton Swinson (DL)
McInnis Nazario (L) Stanley (DL) Rahmatulla Longmire
Ferrara (L) Russell (DL) O’Neill
Blair (DL) A Lucas R Rosario
Benes Kiekhefer (L)
Whiting (DL) Billbrough (DL)
Watson Corrigan
Siegrist (L DL)
Copeland (L DL)
Quad Cities (24+3)
Jenkins (DL) T Miller J Castillo (DL) R DeLaCruz Lu Mateo M Williams An Garcia
H Hernandez (L) Revesz (L) Rasmus Walsh Pritchard Martini
Cornelius (L) Cole Lewis D Medina
Gaviglio Miranda (L) V Hill
Hald (L) Stock
Villanueva (L) Wyatt
De Jesus (RL)
R Martinez
Draft signed (30)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Cooney (L3) Helisek (L 30) Bean (1S) Schaffer (18) Wilson (10) Wiley (13) Wisdom (1S) Y Gonzalez (8)
Barraclough (7) Donofrio (31) Wick (9) Almaraz (21) Melchionda (14) C Kelly (2) Young (20)
Scanio (16) Shaban (33) Caldwell (15) Piscotty (1S)
Perry (17)
Gallardo (19) O’Shea (L 35)
Stoppelman (L 24) Aldrete (39)
Llorens (25) C Jones (5)
Sabatino (L 26) Machuca (L 38)
Cuda (27) Wacha (1)
ND free agents (7)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Booden Rauh Walton
Lee Renfro (L)
Petrick Thomas
EST (68+2)
Injured/rehab (4)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
J Lucas Costantino
E Hiraldo
Early camp/NRI (5)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
DeLeon Peoples-Walls Jeffries
Reg camp others (32+2)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Y Castillo Baker Montero Washington Stienstra C Valera Tuivailala Apelian
Nuernberg Bileckyj (L) Keener Bergin B Valera Wittels S Ramos
Ulacio Mills Byrd Vargas Bryant
Pasen Melling (L) Velazco R Williams (SL)
Jacob Springer L Perez Rbto Reyes
Almarante Creath Ehrlich
S Lopez
M Harris (MIL)
Bibona (L)
New arrivals (27)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
B Martinez Toribio J Gomez Knox Le Mateo Martin R Garcia Ro Castillo
B Freeman (L) Villegas Argenal R Medina Capellan
Rein (L) DeLosSantos Barbuena Deol
Bautista F Flores Dodd
Aguilar S Garcia Acevedo
Brand Gerdel
Jh Polanco
Batavia (TBD)
P P(2012 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Johnson City (TBD)
P P(2012 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Gulf Coast (TBD)
P P(2012 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
DSL (34+2)
Salazar A DeLaCruz (L) L Cruz Mejia Rblys Reyes Pina Agustin Araujo
J Perez Vallejo Godoy E Alvarez Franco
Perdomo I Brito (L) Ripoll Celestino
Silva (L) F Gonzalez Torres
D Perez (L) Baez Cerdas
D Martinez J Pena D Sanchez
Serrano (RL) Parra Feliz (RL)
Jor Rodriguez
R Santos
Negrette (L)
J Lara
Draft unsigned (14)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Heyer (6) Hillis (29) Schroeder (22) Mejia (4) Ramsey (1)
Foody (L 12) Trentacosta (L 34) Swim (36) T Williams (11) Matheny (23)
Rice (40) Oquendo (32) May (37)
McPherson (28)

(I): injured
(TI): temporary inactive list
(SL): suspended list
(RL): restricted list
(MIL): military list
(TO): tryout player not under contract
(L) left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#) number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+SL+RL+MIL+TO) players

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