Cardinals Announce Signing of Second-Rounder Masyn Winn

Brandyn Harris, Masyn Winn, Tiffany Rawson, Earl Luckett, Andrew Guerra (Masyn Winn photo)

As they did the day before, the St. Louis Cardinals delivered good news on Wednesday, introducing their latest 2020 draft signee. This time, the honoree was shortstop-right-handed pitcher Masyn Winn, taken in the second round, 54th overall.

Following recent custom, the team made a public social media announcement while members of the media participated in a video conference with Winn and Cardinals scouting director Randy Flores.

In his opening remarks, Flores characterized Winn as “infectious and driven”. The player noted he takes on a different demeanor depending on whether he is playing shortstop (“high engine”, “talking all the time”) versus pitching (“quietly focused”).

Winn added, “I am grateful for the chance to play two ways,” adding that dual opportunity is “the cherry on top”. He has played with unsigned Cardinals second-round draft pick Tink Hence, who he calls a “great dude” who he “really talks to a lot”. Winn also has a friendship with Cardinals 2019 second-rounder Trejyn Fletcher.

Masyn Winn

As reported by Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline, Winn’s signing bonus is $2,100,000 – substantially above the slot amount for the 54th overall pick of $1,338,500. The difference was made up by four earlier underslot signings – Jordan Walker, Alec Burleson, Levi Prater and A.J. Jones IV.

Winn’s family and his agent, Andrew Guerra of Roc Nation Sports, accompanied him to St. Louis. Visitors include his brother Brandyn Harris, mother Tiffany Rawson and stepfather Earl Luckett.

Other remaining St. Louis draft picks to be signed are Hence and fourth-round selection Ian Bedell. Both are overslot candidates and are expected to come to terms with the team. With a potential five percent overage on their total signing budget, the Cardinals have about $375,000 extra to work with to complete contracts with the final two members of their seven-player 2020 draft class.

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