Are the Cardinals’ Chances Increasing in Stanton Trade Talks?

photo: Giancarlo Stanton (Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports Images)

New news on the Giancarlo Stanton trade front emerged on Tuesday from Miami. Beat writer Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reported this:

“According to sources, the Marlins informed Giancarlo Stanton in October that if he refused to be traded, he would remain a Marlin and the team would trade off other top players to lower roster cost.”

Read the full article for more details, but you get the flavor.

A number of hopeful St. Louis fans on Twitter expressed a similar sentiment as my Florida-based friend Craig Mish from SiriusXM.

“My biggest takeaway from @clarkspencer report: This is a very good development for Cardinals Nation.” –

Giancarlo Stanton (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Images)

I replied to Craig that I understood where he is coming from, but remain wary since the directive to Stanton is at least a month old. On the other hand, it could have been leaked to Spencer today to help apply public leverage to Stanton to accept a trade already on the table and acceptable to the Fish.

Even if so, we don’t know that trade offer is from St. Louis.

And even if it is, the Marlins could also have leaked the information to push other bidders into making better offers more quickly. That could be to get more in return for Stanton, to secure a better offer from the teams to which Stanton is most likely to accept a trade or both.

There are just too many variables for me to feel especially good about this.

Then, Craig came back with more in his reply to me.

“I asked a source yesterday if anything had changed w him accepting a deal to STL. Source said yes. I waited to confirm. Now I am not even sure if the yes was a “forced” yes or a real yes. So crazy.” –

Now what to think?

Mish later clarified that he sees this change as a positive for the Cardinals – consistent with his first tweet – and what most of my readers wanted to assume. Still, the skeptic in me wonders if the “yes” answer is real or is a ploy intended to influence the other bidders or Stanton himself. In other words, I am re-asking the same questions posed above.

We have no way of knowing, but it surely would not be the first or last time if the media is being used as leverage in these very high-stakes poker games.

Stay tuned as Mish’s next move is to check with the San Francisco Giants camp – the other apparently confirmed serious bidder for Stanton’s services for the next three or 10 years.

Though some national writers are suggesting the Stanton sweepstakes may carry on until at least the Winter Meetings and perhaps longer, Tuesday’s events do at least give me renewed hope this long and wild roller coaster ride may end sooner rather than later.

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