A Decade of Cardinals Grannies

On Saturday afternoon, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols did it again – slugged his second grand slam home run in just two weeks. This time, his seventh-inning heroics turned a close game against the Chicago Cubs at Busch Stadium into a comfortable and satisfying 8-2 victory.

In a record-breaking career that began in 2001, it became Pujols’ eighth grand slam, the most of any Cardinal player during this decade. Jim Edmonds is next with five. As a team, the Cardinals have 49 over the period.

Saturday’s slam was Pujols’ first against the arch-rival Northsiders, but the team’s eleventh Cub-breaker this decade, the most for the club against any rival, almost doubling their quantity against the next-most common victim, Cincinnati.

As it should be…

Special thanks to Tom Orf for the data pull that follows. Pujols and Cubs slams in bold.

St. Louis Cardinals grand slams: 2000 through 2009

Date Cardinal Versus
4/25/2009 Albert Pujols Chi
4/11/2009 Albert Pujols Hou
9/19/2008 Adam Kennedy @Chi
8/6/2008 Albert Pujols LA
7/20/2008 Aaron Miles SD
6/21/2008 Troy Glaus @Bos
8/31/2007 Rick Ankiel Cin
7/26/2007 Chris Duncan Chi
6/16/2007 Chris Duncan @Oak
8/27/2006 Gary Bennett Chi
8/22/2006 Albert Pujols @NYM
8/9/2006 Jim Edmonds @Cin
4/3/2006 Scott Rolen @Phi
9/30/2005 Albert Pujols Cin
8/7/2005 David Eckstein Atl
6/4/2005 Reggie Sanders @Hou
5/20/2005 John Mabry @KC
8/22/2004 Larry Walker Pit
8/17/2004 Larry Walker Cin
6/9/2004 Edgar Renteria @Chi
4/21/2004 Jim Edmonds @Hou
9/3/2003 J.D. Drew @Chi
8/2/2003 Bo Hart @NYM
6/8/2003 Scott Rolen Bal
5/9/2003 Fernando Vina @Chi
9/17/2002 Tino Martinez @Col
9/4/2002 Edgar Renteria Cin
8/31/2002 Eli Marrero @Chi
8/18/2002 Edgar Renteria @Phi
8/10/2002 Albert Pujols NYM
6/11/2002 Albert Pujols @Sea
5/6/2002 Fernando Vina @Pit
4/17/2002 Jim Edmonds @Arz
9/21/2001 Albert Pujols @Pit
9/9/2001 Jim Edmonds LA
7/7/2001 Mark McGwire @Cle
6/15/2001 Bobby Bonilla ChW
9/24/2000 Will Clark @Chi
9/20/2000 Jim Edmonds Hou
9/16/2000 Fernando Tatis Chi
7/25/2000 Fernando Tatis Arz
7/14/2000 Eduardo Perez @ChW
7/13/2000 Shawon Dunston @ChW
5/30/2000 Shawon Dunston @Arz
5/7/2000 Eric Davis @Cin
4/23/2000 Placido Polanco Col
4/20/2000 Eli Marrero SD
4/11/2000 Thomas Howard @Hou
4/6/2000 J.D. Drew Chi